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Tips for packing books and photographs for an interstate relocation

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Planning an interstate relocation is hard at some point, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Usually, those smaller items represent the biggest problem, but if you are a book lover, you’ll understand it better than others. People with huge home libraries face the problem of packing and storing their belongings properly, and we’re here to help you with that. Mod movers will help you find the best way of packing books and photographs for an interstate relocation.

Packing books and photographs for an interstate relocation: Complete guide

We’re sure all art lovers have the same dilemma during the move, and that is how to pack their items safely and be sure they won’t get damaged during the move. It takes time to secure everything properly, but you can be sure that with using some of these ways your photographs and books will be just fine:

Photos on the wall.
Packing photographs requires time. Bubble wrap can be useful for that.

Wrap it individually

When talking about photo frames, there is a great chance of glass breaking during transport. It will not only cause damage but it causes the risk of injuries during the unpacking process. In order to prevent that, you can buy bubble wrap and secure every photo frame individually. When you wrapped it twice, take some duck tape to make sure nothing will unfold. The same treatment should be for really rare and valuable books you want to keep extra safe. If you need extra help, feel free to book packing services.

Separate your books

Other books don’t really require extra care when packing, but you can separate them with a piece of newspaper or paper towels. That will prevent moving and slipping when people from interstate moving companies California start transporting boxes. Other than that, packing books and photographs for an interstate relocation shouldn’t be complicated at all.

Fill the empty space

If you want to prevent moving and possible breakage inside your boxes, fill the empty space. Your photographs should be placed in the right-sized boxes so they can fit perfectly. You can fill the holes with a bit of paper towel or some pieces of paper. Still, books require more boxes, because of their weight. Just be sure not to put too many books into a small box. You can implement the same principle of filling the space as with photographs.

One more trick: When moving to the city of Austin, it can be more practical and safe for your books to be placed in a suitcase.

Packing books in boxes.
Make sure not to put too heavy books in one box.


Generally speaking, packing books and photographs for an interstate relocation is not that hard to manage. The best advice you can get is to start early enough and plan your time better. The trickiest part when moving from San Jose to Austin is actually packing other fragile items. These ones just take too much time to be wrapped separately, but when you do it correctly, you can be sure they’ll arrive at the new address without a scratch. If you do need any help, you can call a professional team of movers, and we’re sure they’ll do their best to help you relocate your items safely.

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