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Tips for packing gardening tools for a move

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Moving homes is a difficult task to undertake. It is a process that requires planning, organization, and time. There are many boring tasks to do, and it’s not always fun. When you start organizing the move, you must think in advance. Therefore, how you pack now is going to reflect on your unpacking later. With that being said, it is a base idea to pack without order and organization. One of the more difficult tasks is to pack gardening tools for your move. Whether you choose professional northern California movers or do it yourself, you should prepare. So make sure to read these tips for packing gardening tools for a move.

Find out the best way to organize and pack gardening tools for your move

If you have a garage in your current home, it is likely full of tools and equipment. Besides the necessities, garages are more often than not used as storage. If everything is in its place and nicely organized, lucky you! This is only going to make your packing easier. Now, it’s time to pack everything, relocate it to your new household and unpack. It does sound like a difficult task, but with this advice for packing gardening tools for a move, you will be prepared and do it faster.

A garden shed fool of gardening tools.
Organize and declutter your garden tools first.

Effective Way to Pack for Moving Gardening Tools

  • Clean the tools before packing for a move
  • Packing small gardening tools
  • Packing large gardening tools
  • Hiring a professional packing service
  • Securing dangerous and sharp tools
  • Packing the sprinkler system and water hoses
  • Packing electric and motorized tools

If you are delaying this process because it looks difficult don’t. You really should pack the gardening tools for your move in time. It would be really stressful being behind schedule when the time comes for relocation.

Firstly, you have to divide your essential gardening tools into categories. This will make packing easier once you have your tools sorted out. The two most basic types of gardening tools are:

  1. Hand tools.
  2. Carrying and moving tools.

Prepare the tools before packing them for a move

Clean your gardening tools before packing them for a move

You may you used your gardening tools recently and forgotten to clean them. It is very important to clean them before the move. Therefore you will prevent the dirt from accidentally rubbing off on anything else. No need to make a huge fuss about it. Just a quick rinse from mud and dirt will do. Let them dry before packing. There are a lot of metal tools, so you will want to keep them dry and clean to prevent rust.

Packing small gardening tools for a move

Some of the small gardening tools like pruning shears, dibbers, and masonry trowels are easy to misplace. Gather all the small tools in one place. It would be good to make a checklist of all the tools you have, just in case.

Small gardening tools and a pot on a wooden board.
Gather all your small tools in one place.

One of the best ways to pack small gardening tools for a move is to use a toolbox. It is secure and compact, and everything is in the same place. Also, make sure they are clean and secured. For example, you want to make sure that sharp tools’ edges are protected. So you would avoid any damage once the moving company is loading them. You can also check out moving boxes Monterey CA for more tips and tricks for packing.

Packing large gardening tools for a move

We are done with small gardening tools and let’s move on to the more difficult task – large gardening tools.

Again, making a list of all the tools is a good idea. Gather all long tools, like rakes, shovels, hoes, and spades. See what would be the best way to arrange them. For instance, if you have multiple rakes, stack them like puzzles.

For sure your selection of long gardening tools can include different types of tools. Try to bundle them in a way that the metal parts are on the opposite ends. Therefore, you can effortlessly tie a rope around them. You can also wrap them in a blanket or bubble wrap.

Consider hiring a professional packing services

If it fits into your budget, consider hiring professional packing services. If you think you are out of your depth, it’s okay to hire a helping hand. Professional packers are quick and effective. Besides, the odds are they already have experience with various tasks such as packing gardening tools for a move. This way, you can save time and concentrate on more important things regarding your move.

Securing sharp gardening tools

It is very important to secure your sharp or dangerous tools. Make sure to wrap them in a few layers of bubble wrap or blankets. Only remember to secure the wrap with tapes or a rope. This will also additionally protect your gardening tools from any damage during the move. For instance, you should sheet a scythe for lawn mowing with the designated plastic cover.
You can also check out with your moving company if they provide boxes and supplies.

Sprinkler system and water hoses

Firstly you should disassemble sprinklers. Gather all parts, and put them in one box with clear labeling.

As for the water hoses, you should make sure that there isn’t any remaining water inside. Roll them up and tape them, so they don’t fall apart when moved. Keep them away from sharp tools to avoid ruptures.

Electric tools and motorized lawnmowers

Before packing a lawnmower or other power tools, you should clean them properly. Next, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Drain gas and oil from all power tools and if possible, place them in the case they came in.
  • Remove any attached parts and pack them in a separate box.
  • Fill the space inside the box with bubble wrap or crushed paper.
  • Use a blanket or plastic to wrap and tape any sharp-edged parts.
  • Label the box properly, stating what is exactly inside
A blue lawnmower with a shovel and a broom next to it, in front of a wooden wall.
Secure your long gardening tools and disassemble your lawnmower before packing gardening tools for a move.

After these tips for packing gardening tools for a move, when you arrive at your moving destinations, the unpacking process should be easier. You can check out garden tools maintenance, so they will last longer in your new home.

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