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Tips for packing office supplies when moving to Portland

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It is time to relocate your business and find a more promising place for you and your employees. You have decided on moving from California to Portland and before you start packing, we have a few tips for you. Relocating a business is more complicated than moving your household. You must cover all your assets, pack office supplies, and handle a bunch of legal stuff. So, today we will focus on packing office supplies when moving to Portland and how to do it right. Let’s dive right in.

Inspect both old and new office space

To have a successful and safe relocation, you must inspect your belongings as well as the new place you are moving to. This will tell you how to organize, how many packing supplies to purchase, and how much time you’ll need to cover everything. And you’ll organize better when it comes to unpacking and settling in. Besides, your California interstate movers need this info if you want them to assemble a safe moving plan and help you out without any inconveniences.

office desk with office supplies
Inspect your office and figure out how many items you must pack and relocate.

Therefore, start inspecting your office supplies, electronics, and all other things you want to relocate. Make an inventory list as well as a checklist with all tasks you must complete before the moving day. And be mindful of your new environment as well. Make sure it is safe for you and your movers. Figure out how many sets of stairs there are and if there is an elevator. Inspect all corridors, doors, and hallways, and make sure you can fit everything in with the lowest chance of moving mishaps.

It is time for downsizing

Packing office supplies when moving to Portland will be an easy task if you prepare adequately. And it will be much easier if you downsize and declutter a bit. Sadly, even though your moving company CA can cover all moving stages, this is not something they can help you with. You must do it yourself and we are sure you want to start fresh and without old items and unnecessary hoard. Hence, while inspecting your belongings, set aside all items you do not need anymore. Communicate with your employees and organize according to the size of your business and the number of items you possess. If everyone assists a bit, you can be packed within a day. But it is ok to appoint one or two employees to help you out with this task and you’ll still get there on time.

All your old and broken electronics should be donated. Old and unused office supplies should be recycled or thrown away. And the same goes for old office furniture and similar items. Make more space in your new office for new items or simply to have more space to move around. You figure this one out just make sure to do it. If you downsize a bit, you’ll have an easier relocation in general. And a much easier and affordable one as well.

Obtain an adequate set of moving supplies

Now that you know what lies ahead, you should start preparing for packing. Packing office supplies when moving to Portland will be much easier if you have all the necessary packing materials. So, run to the nearest Home Depot or order everything online. Just make sure you have the following materials:

  • Cardboard boxes and plastic bins.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Corner pads, foam protectors, and blister packs.
  • Labels and markers.

This is all you need to pack and ensure your items are safe during transport. You can even purchase the entire batch of materials from the moving company you have hired. Ask them if they provide packing services and if they do, utilize this amazing service. And of course, the better the materials are, the safer your belongings will be.

use proper packing supplies for packing office supplies when moving to Portland
Use higher-quality packing supplies and make packing safer and more convenient.

Find a reliable moving team to help you with packing office supplies when moving to Portland

As you may already know, you can’t do this without reliable commercial movers California. Movers have all the knowledge, experience, tools, and useful services to make your relocation the safest and easiest thing possible. To be honest, no one likes to move in the first place. But we all must do it at some point and when we do, we must ensure our belongings are safe. And there is no better way than hiring one of the local moving companies to do it. Therefore, check online and compare prices and services. Find a moving company you like and check if they are legit and licensed. Take a look at social media groups to confirm this or check FMCSA for the entire work history. Once you do this, give them a call, and communicate details further.

Make sure you call your movers well in advance. More reputable companies are booked months in advance. If you want a specific company, maybe you’ll have to wait for a few weeks or even a month. But in most cases, calling movers two or three weeks in advance is just fine.

Obtain moving quote

Ok, once you have your moving plan in your hands and a moving company enlisted, start working on your moving budget. Movers will help you immensely by providing moving quotes. You can get your quotes online, via chat, or on-site. We highly advise scheduling a visit and letting your movers evaluate all your belongings and the environment right there on the spot. Especially now when you are relocating a business. There is no room for mistakes so make sure you do this one right.

a guy calculating the budget
Obtain moving quotes and a precise moving price It will help you with your budgeting.

Simply call your movers and ask for an onsite moving estimate. They will send a representative over and they will establish a loading dock, weigh your items, and work on a packing plan. What is good about this is that you can know the exact moving price and sort out legalities and expenses right away. Moreover, your movers can help improve your moving plan and make it safer and more efficient. After all, it is what they are specialized in.

Let’s cover packing office supplies when moving to Portland

The only thing left to do now is to pack your office supplies safely and be ready for the moving day. You know how much stuff you have and now you have all the packing materials. Start by communicating with your employees and spread tasks evenly. Instruct them to pack their belongings by using the materials they have available. For shared supplies, you can pack by choosing a couple of cardboard boxes and plastic bins. Use cardboard for paper folders and paperwork in general. But do not overstuff your box because paper can get heavy if you have a lot of it. Do not go over 50 lbs. no matter what the content is, or your box will break. For smaller items use plastic bins because it is more convenient and easier to move around.

Each box should have blister packs on the bottom to serve as a cushion. Once your box is full, fill gaps between items to prevent damage in transport. Close your box by applying adhesive tape and remember to label each box adequately. As a matter of fact, you should label all boxes and bins regardless of the content. It is easier to sort everything out if you know what is inside each container. As for appliances and electronics, use original boxes or slightly bigger cardboard boxes. And for your potted plants, carry them in your hands and transport them separately.

Packing office supplies when moving to Portland is not as hard as it looks at first. If you use proper cardboard boxes and tuck your items in, everything will reach the other side unharmed. And remember, the entire process is much easier if you purchase packing services from the moving company. Hopefully, your budget allows it. Good luck.

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