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Tips for packing the kitchen pantry properly

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When it is time for packing the kitchen pantry, people often focus just on their fine ceramics, rather than making sure the rest is packed right as well. Grab your moving boxes Monterey CA to get started. We can agree on taking some extra steps to protect what you hold most dear. But your other belongings need care as well. Let the best packing services CA help you with this quest.

Clean everything before packing the kitchen pantry

Make an eating plan a few weeks before you move out of your place. Make sure you eat everything that can’t be going with you. Some canned goods are good to go. They are sturdy and can take the trip well. But moving some fresh items including eggs and vegetables is not a good idea.

A kitchen pantry you need to clean in order to packing the kitchen pantry properly
Packing the kitchen pantry properly if you clean it up first

There is probably a lot stored in the pantry. That is why you need an eating plan. So when you call your friends and family to help you pack for your move, treat them. Make some amazing lunch and dinner from the food your pantry hold. It would be a shame for it to go to waste. If you can’t use it all, donate it to some shelters. What has a close expiration date eaten first? If not throw it out.

It would be a real mess to have to pack food along with your dishes. The mess would be made and something could be broken. To avoid breaking your valuable fine china, leave some food. Here is what you have to leave behind when packing the kitchen pantry:

1. Eggs
2. Open condiments
3. Open frozen food
4. Snacks
5. Meat
6. Produce

Pack your grains in plastic containers

Grains in plastic bags are okay as long as they are in a pantry. But when it comes to packing the kitchen pantry you must use a different strategy. There would be a huge mess if one or more of the bags snapped during transport. So think smart.

Invest in plastic containers made for storing food. That’s the place for items like rice, grains, flour, etc. It is a pretty good investment, having in mind you can use them long term. A huge plus to them is that you can go with them to the store and measure the amount you need. No need to use single-use plastic anymore. Try to spare the planet as much as you can. Plastic containers will help you to move as fast as you can.

bunch of grains
Remember to pack your grains in plastic boxes

If you want to save some money, try collecting jars instead of buying plastic containers. Ask your friends and family to save them for you to pack the items we listed earlier. That may be scary to read, packing in glass containers. But if you wrap them nicely in a newspaper before placing them in boxes, there is nothing you need to worry about. Packing the kitchen pantry is not that hard at all. Remember that you need to open these boxes first when you move in. It would be a real shame you go through all this trouble of packing them and then forget to open and store them so they spoil.

Freeze it good

The chance is you have plenty of meat. So it would be a shame to throw it all away. Some of these can be expensive as heck! So when packing the kitchen pantry leave the meat to pack last. What you would want to do is keep it cool. The effect might not be the same as with a freezer but it can do the trick. Invest in a transportable cooler to keep your meat from spoiling. Some of them can be plugged into the lighter slot in your car to keep the temperature low. And if this is not an option buy some dry ice to keep it on low temperatures.

Take an extra step and freeze water in zip lock bags. Place it in between the meat so you can prolong the cold temperature. Especially if you are moving further away. Moving somewhere close by should not be a problem for your frozen meat.

a frozen fruit in ice cube
It is a good idea to freeze your food before packing it

If you have wine to transfer you will need a little extra. Wine bottles need special care when they are being transported. Buy a special wine bottle divider for it. Dividers are foam and will protect your bottles from cracking. Pack them on the side or upside down. The cork needs to stay wet. When you unpack at your new home, let the wine rest for at least a week. All that tumbling may affect the taste. After the wine is done resting, take some time off. Have a city adventure with your loved one in Monterey. After that, enjoy your bottle of wine.

Packing glass is not a huge deal

All of us are scared when we need to transport something made of glass. Do not worry it will break, but take some time to protect it. Good protection from breaking is air-filled wrap or newspaper.

What you should worry about is glass smacking into one another, not another impact outside of the box. Before you put your glassware in plastic containers to protect it from impact, wrap it up good. This technique when packing the kitchen pantry will help prevent it from breaking. Boxes should not be overpacked especially if they have glass in them. Better to invest in some extra boxes and supplies that to pick up a piece from shattered plates. You can hurt yourself and destroy your property. It is better to be safe than sorry.

packing the kitchen pantry - china plates
Pack your breakable items in air-filled wraps

Packing the kitchen pantry isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need are some good supplies, a plan, and our little guide to help you. Take your time, do not rush. Many of these items are fragile and if you are in a hurry, you may unintentionally break something. Ask your loved ones to help you wrap it up if you are in a hurry. A few sets of hands are always better than one working in a hurry.

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