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Tips for settling in Portland after moving from Monterey

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If you are looking at this post you probably want to move out of Monterey. One of the easy ways to get you started on your move is to hire some of the local movers California.  Or maybe you have already moved out of Monterey? Or you are looking for some last minutes tips for settling in Portland after moving from Monterey. Then you have come to the right corner of the internet. Here we will share some of the initial things you can do right after arriving in your new place.

You have arrived at your new house your movers Monterey CA of choice have unloaded a bunch of boxes and now the question is what to do next?

Some tips for settling in Portland after moving from Monterey

After the Monterey moving services of your choice have arrived and brought over all of your stuff. The first thing to do is to make sure that the number of items you have left whit is equivalent to the number of items that have arrived. Movers will usually ask you to sign a delivery document to confirm that all your stuff has arrived. Once you sign this document the moving company will not be held accountable if you find out later that your things have gotten lost. So it is important to be sure that all your stuff has arrived.

Person Signing in Documentation Paper before settling in Portland after moving from Monterey
Make sure before you give your signature to your movers before settling in Portland after moving from Monterey. That you have done a once over on your stuff so that nothing is missing.

Make sure everything is clean

When everything is secured and the cross country movers California have left. The next thing to do before starting to unpack is to give your entire house a good scrub and clean everything. You don’t know who was in this place before you, doing a deep clean of the entire area will give you a nice and fresh start.

Turn on all the utilities

The next important thing to do is to get a good layout of the house and remember where all the utilities valves and switches are. The next step is to turn on all your utilities, water, gas, and electricity. If you don’t know how to do this yourself call your landlord or a professional to do it for you.

Start unpacking

Now the most time-consuming part of the move has come. We hope that you have labeled all your boxes. Or have a prepared checklist that has all the information on where what is. Start unpacking the essentials this should usually contain cloths, plates, cutlery, hygiene products ext. Then work your way down to the none essentials. Things like the fridge, stove, and electronics usually come next. Make sure to properly install them since they are essential pieces for every functional home. Furniture usually comes last.

Cardboard box on dark wooden table near tape and scissors
If you have a planned approach on how to unpack everything can help you get set up much faster.

Final steps for settling in Portland after moving from Monterey

Once you finish assembling the furniture, the fridge and stove are set up. And all the appliances have been unboxed and are in the right place. The final step of settling in Portland after moving from Monterey can begin, and that step is house decoration. The furniture is your center place so finding a good spot for them is key. This is not always possible because space can be an issue. But corners and large undecorated walls are usually a good go-to place for furniture. When this step is complete, congratulations you have successfully finished your move.

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