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Top California destinations for millennials

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Finding the right place to live in is one of the most important things that every human being can do. Simply, the joy of living in a space that you enjoy and feel your own is special. When you have a basis like that, your life is going to be so much easier. So, if you find yourself in a situation that you can choose where you are going to live, you should make sure to make a good choice. Today, we are going to take a look at the top California destinations for millennials. Obviously, when you are a young person, you are going to feel as if the whole world is waiting just for you. Therefore, getting in touch with Hollister CA movers could be the right thing for you to do. Therefore, stay with us till the end and find out more about this subject.

What are the top California destinations for millennials?

Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the top California destinations for millennials. After all, we know how exciting the process of looking for your place under the sun is going is.

North Hollywood is one of the Top California destinations for millennials
North Hollywood is a place to keep in mind

Following are the cities that we would suggest considering moving to no matter whether you are thinking about hiring California intrastate movers to help you relocate or you are moving within California:

  • San Francisco, California
  • North Hollywood
  • Burbank

As you can see, major administrative centers such as Sacramento have remained out of this list. Simply, such cities are widely known as millennials’ hubs. So, today, we have decided to take a look at other interesting places to move to.

San Francisco, California

It is no surprise that San Fran has found its place on our list. Simply, it has been rising in the ranks for more than twenty years now. 

Still, while a city with an amazing atmosphere, great areas for living, and plentiful job opportunities, San Francisco is currently also the most expensive city yo live in. So, if consider residential moving here, make sure to be certain that you can sustain the costs of living that are not affordable by any means. 

Lombard Street
Moving to San Francisco is always a good idea

North Hollywood

As we all know, LA is the capital of the film industry in the States. 

So, if you are a young person looking to make a living and a career in this field, you should take North Hollywood into serious consideration.

The best thing about North Hollywood is how vibrant it is. It is filled with young people looking to leave their traces in the city. So, while housing is not as affordable, you should at least find people of similar affinities here. 

Burbank is one of the top California destinations for millennials

On the other hand, if you are a millennial looking to move to California with a family, Burbank might just be the right choice for you. With low crime, quality schools, and a good transportation system by LA standards, it surely meets the criteria to be considered one of the top California destinations for millennials.

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