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Top moving day mistakes to avoid

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No one is born all-knowing and all of us make mistakes. Some of them are not that big of a deal, yet some of them can cost you gravely. Let us help you avoid as many moving day mistakes as we can and ease this trip for you.

Not packing properly

Not packing properly can mean a lot of things. But one of the gravest moving day mistakes is not packing and organizing as best as you can. This means picking out a room in your home to store everything you pack. It won’t be a problem if you hire Monterey moving company to do it for you though. If not, the boxes you are packing must be labeled by their content and the room they belong in. This will ease both the packing and the unpacking process.

empty room where you will store boxes for your relocation as a sure way to of moving day mistakes to avoid
One of the moving day mistakes to avoid is not picking a room to store the packed boxes

Waiting to do everything in the last minute

Waiting to do everything at the last minute is horrific misconduct. Plan everything weeks ahead to avoid a lot of moving day mistakes. Working in a hurry will have you making mistakes all over the place. So planning actions on time means avoiding the disasters later. Hurting yourself while moving is a common occurrence. And it can happen because you were in a hurry. Junk removal Monterey CA will do the hard work, while you slow the process a bit to avoid injuries.  Alongside a solid plan, investigate a bit on some proper lifting techniques.

a clock that says deadline
Don’t wait for the last moment to start packing

This can be a problem especially if you are moving without a moving company. If your friends or family members are helping, tech them too about propper management of bulky items. Keep everyone safe as much as you can.


Letting kids and pets on the loose around the house

Letting kids and pets roam free while you do the work is very dangerous for everyone. Moving day mistakes like this can ruin your whole move. While you are busy packing, they can hurt themselves. Or you can be hurt by trying to avoid them around your house. So spare yourself and them as well, the trouble of it. So you have decided your garage is a storage area for all the boxes packed. Then your bedroom can be a safe place for your kids and pets. Babyproof the room if needed, if not then skip this part. Relocate with toddlers like a pro with some of these tips online. Set the room up by bringing food, snacks and other things they might need. If there is a friend that can look after them while you pack, great. If not, just place the baby monitor there and check up on them from time to time.

a child and a puppy
Your kids and pets can get hurt if you do not hire a babysitter/petsitter


These are the most common moving day mistakes that can turn your moving day into a disaster. It is pretty easy to avoid them if you pay close attention to what you do and plan ahead. We hope we have helped you identify what might be a problem for you.

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