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Top reasons to move to a rural area in California in 2022

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Over the last couple of years, statistics have shown that more and more people are leaving big cities and moving to rural areas. This is especially true for California because it has vast open spaces and a lot of open fields. If you are thinking of leaving the hustle and bustle of big cities behind you, now is as good a time as any to move. But to move to a rural area in California, there are certain preparations you need to take care of. Rural areas are less accessible so you might want to hire a professional Monterey moving company to help you.

Why should you move to a rural area in California?

In this short article, we will be going through some reasons why life on a farm is not as bad as it sounds. With food prices skyrocketing, if you are smart you can make some serious money if you are willing to put the time and effort into living in a rural area.

Loking to move to a rural area in California with a Red Barn in a field
If you are looking to move to a rural area in California. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much waste space is around the property.

Home Prices are more affordable

According to the federal housing finance agency, the price of housing has jumped by 17.5% in the U.S between December 2020 and December 2021. Rural area houses were no exception to this while their price went up by an average of 16%, with the price averaging at $290.500. This is still much less than the price of housing in suburbs and urban areas that clocks in at around $330.000. Which is on average $40.000 less. This is a significant amount because this means that your down payment is less and the money can be used to invest in other things. We recommend hiring some hauling services Monterey CA to get all of your furniture safe for your new rural home.

There is a lot more available space

One of the big pros of living in a rural area is the amount of space you get. Gone are the dais where you have to choose what to bring whit you to your new home. Even after the California residential movers of your choice leave, there is still plenty of space. This is excellent for kids and pets. The land that you get in a rural area means that you have the option of getting into farming. Starting a plantation that will give you aces to fresh food or starting a pasture. You will have unique opportunities that cities can not offer you.

Less pollution

The main reason why most people leave the big cities is to avoid the pollution of the city. This includes air pollution and noise pollution as well. Which is beneficial for both your fiscal and psychical health. Rural areas are not plagued by low-quality air, the constant blaring of horns in traffic, and the newer ending crowd of people. In a rural area, you can truly experience what it means to be at peace.

Cityscape during Foggy Day
If you decide to move to a rural area. Gone will be the dais of bad air and constant noise from every direction.

The negatives if you move to a rural area in California

Keep in mind that if you decide to move to a rural area in California there will be some challenges to overcome. Depending on the rural area you chose to live in certain negatives can appear. For more extroverted people rural areas can feel isolated. Rural areas often lack quality infrastructure which can prove a challenge to overcome. They can also be in remote hard-to-reach areas which can increase the cost of supplying and transport. This will most likely increase the price of moving supplies Monterey CA of your choice to get to you.

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