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Top reasons why people move to and stay in Gilroy

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Gilroy is a small town in Northern California that belongs to Santa Clara County. It has a little over 55,000 inhabitants and is about 80 miles away from San Francisco. Also, 33 miles from San Jose and 40 miles from Monterey. People decide to move and stay in Gilroy because it is “a community with a spice for life”. It is also the “garlic capital of the world” but that’s not all this town has to offer. Get in touch with movers Gilroy CA and relocate here to discover why people move to and stay in Gilroy and spice up your life.

Why you should move to and stay in Gilroy

The population of Gilroy is constantly increasing. This is mostly due to the perfectly balanced climate that is suitable for everyone. If you’re doing business in agriculture or recreation, this is a place for you. If you’re not a fan of coastal fog, Gilroy is also a place for you. California intrastate movers offer their services for relocation to this town because it’s ideal for families. It has 14 public schools and 5 private schools and a very good school system. This is one of the main reasons why people decide to move to and stay in Gilroy.

recreation is why people move to and stay in Gilroy
Gilroy offers a lot of options for sports and recreation due to a balanced climate

This place might offer you a charming small-town experience and close beaches but it does not offer many activities. Except for shopping, sports, and recreation. You might have to adapt to this, especially if you are used to living in a city where something is always going on. Also, we cannot say that this town is completely free from crime. There are parts of the town that should be avoided at night as well as the usual precautions that you should follow.

What people like about Gilroy’s economy

The main branches of industry and economic development of this town originate from:

  • Fresh Agricultural products
  • Food processing
  • Large retail centers

Gilroy is the southern part of Silicon Valley, it is well connected with all other cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s planned to be a station for the proposed high-speed rail line from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

What you should do before relocating to Gilroy

Find yourself good and reliable movers for your desired relocation. When you find your movers and get your moving quote, your packing process can start. Organize well, pack efficiently, see what packing services your movers can offer you, and start making your to-do list.

If you’re relocating from Monterey, consider junk removal Monterey CA and relocate to Gilroy in no time. However, if that’s not the case and you choose to pack yourself, remember that the less you pack the better and cheaper will be for you. And it will be easier for your movers as there will be fewer things to pack and move.

two movers with boxes
When you arrange everything you need for your relocation the rest of the process is easy

If you have items you’re not going to move, consider selling all usable items through garage sales. Donations are also a good idea to get rid of everything you don’t need for your relocation. Declutter your house before moving to pack even less.

After packing and getting the exact moving date, all you have to do is get excited. You’ll quickly discover why people often choose to move to and stay in Gilroy.

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