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Top reasons why you shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself

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When moving, people usually have a temptation to do everything by themselves. Unfortunately, relocating to a new home isn’t as easy as changing a light bulb. Even though we believe you’re strong and able to do certain things, you won’t beat the best movers in California at what they have been doing professionally for years and even decades. Relocating a hot tub is a perfect example it’s heavy and difficult to handle. Here are some more reasons why you shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself.

You shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself if you don’t know how to prepare it

There are many reasons why it’s difficult to take on moving a hot tub by yourself. It’s not as easy as just unplugging it like an appliance or bolting it out of its place. You need to go through several phases before you can actually think about relocating it. It takes a lot of preparation and planning and our residential movers know it best, as it’s more challenging than it seems to do. Will you have the right tools and know-how to firstly prepare your hot tub for moving? Can you be sure that you’ve disconnected and drained it completely? We think that it’s something that you should leave to professionals as they have all the right equipment to do it.

An outdoor hot tub
There are many details that come into moving a hot tub

Don’t jeopardize your safety by moving a hot tub

Heavy items come with their set of problems when you’re moving them. A hot tub is definitely one of them. It’s very heavy and it’s not something that you will be able to lift and handle by yourself. for that reason, the best solution when you have a pool table, hot tub, gun safes, or other items is to call our pool table movers California and similar special services to get it done for you. Otherwise, you will run the risk of injuring yourself and your friends, as you will definitely need help from other people. Ask our professional movers the next time when they’re around. Moving injuries aren’t something to overlook.

The integrity of the hot tub is why you shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself

Of course, injuring yourself or your friends and family is the worst that can happen. However, damaging your hot tub comes close to second place. Even if a hot tub seems robust and strong, it can get damaged really badly while moving. Like anything else, when you don’t use professional packing services everything can be scratched and ruined. In this case, any crack or fracture can lead to major leakage when you reinstall your hot tub in your new home. Not to mention the things that can go wrong preparing it for moving.

It can end up costing you more than moving it with professionals

Good hot tubs can be very pricey. For that reason, it’s smart to invest in it when it comes time to move it. Otherwise, it can easily come to a situation where you need to buy a new one? And why? Because you didn’t want to pay professionals to help you out. The financial loss is just one of the reasons why you shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself. Moving a hot tub will cost you a fraction of the price of a new hot tub whatever quality and dimensions your hot tub is. For that reason be smart and don’t even attempt moving it alone.

A pile of cash
You shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself as it will cost you a lot

You shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself as they are big and heavy

Hot tubs come in different shapes and sizes. From the smallest to the biggest ones, there can be a difference in its dimensions and weight. However, a hot tub can that can fit two to three people will weigh around 500 pounds when it’s empty. We don’t doubt that you’re strong, but even with help of some of your friends, it can still be a big challenge. Especially if your home or yard isn’t spacious enough. Navigating a big and heavy item around will undeniably create problems. So be prepared to scratch a couple of walls and some furniture if not careful. Of course, as we said, injuries are the worst thing that can happen to you.

Every mistake can cost you a lot

Another reason why you shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself is that from start to finish you can make too many mistakes. And on top of that, the majority of the mistakes can end up costing you. From a handful of dollars to your health. For that reason, look up the Better Business Bureau and find movers that are experts in moving hot tubs. They can save you a lot of time, money, and nerves. Don’t come in a situation where you need to pay medical bills, money for a new hot tub, and handyman services for preparing everything you broke in your home moving it. The rate you’ll pay movers will be more than enough.

How to find the best moving company for relocating a hot tub

As we already told you, there are tools online and third-party websites that can help you in your search for the best hot tub movers in your area. However, maybe it’s not a bad idea to go around the neighborhood and ask around for people who recently moved their hot tub. Above all, word of mouth is still the best marketing a moving company can get and you as a client can get. If you still prefer online searches make sure to look at the company’s experience. ask for references and licenses and a truly professional moving company will gladly let you have them.

Movers sitting in a moving van
Find the best movers to help you move your hot tub

Not every item in your household is going to be moved in the same way. There’s a big difference between moving your appliances and furniture for example. However, there are always items like a short tub that represent a special challenge. There are a plethora of reasons why you shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself and why there are special moving services dedicated just to that one item. We hope you won’t run the risk of doing it by yourself or with your friends, and that you’ll find the right movers to get it done for you in the most efficient manner possible.

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