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Top renter-friendly places in California

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The common goal to everyone is to have their own home. However, sometimes, as we work towards our goal, we will have to rent apartments. Luckily, in this article, we will talk about a couple of renter-friendly places in California you can enjoy while you pursue your career. The Sunny state is known for the higher cost of living, as well as taxes. However, with many different private businesses, you can easily adapt to this lifestyle. Moreover, if you are looking for a way to make your relocation a positive experience, we suggest hiring a professional moving company to help you. That way, you can fully enjoy the joys of the new city as you arrive after the relocation.

Renter-friendly places in California you should consider

The state of California is known for its good weather, long sandy shores and young residents. More importantly, the presence of many different private businesses and the entertainment industry is attracting many young professionals throughout the year. Due to that, this state is always going to have a high demand for housing. Because of those high prices, many people turn to renting their homes instead of owning them. Luckily, we will share with you, some of the best places you can rent a home in California without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Irvine
  2. Newport Beach
  3. Manhattan Beach
  4. Monrovia
  5. Tustin
  6. Loma Linda
a row of houses in one of the renter-friendly places in California
Many young professionals and students tend to rent houses instead of owning them

These places are perfect for those who seek to indulge in education and young professionals looking to pursue their careers.

1. Irvine

Home to the University of California, Irvine counts a large number of the student population. It is one of the most affluent suburbs of Los Angeles and has a median income of about $90.000. Approximately 30% of your income will be spent on rent by average. However, about half of the 273,157 residents in the suburb live as a renter. This part of the city is perfect for those who want to elevate themselves culturally, seek further education or pursue a career in the Sunny State. If you are out of state and want to move to this Los Angeles suburb, you can hire California interstate movers to help you relocate.

2. Newport Beach

A coastal city in Orange County, known for surfing and sandy beaches is one of many renter-friendly places in California you can enjoy. Namely, the city connects residents with affordable rental houses through the Orange County Housing Authority.  Due to this, the vacancy rate in the city is only about 3.3%. The median income in the city is about $106.000 and the rent will take about 26% of that income.

a man sufring at sea with an orange sky behind him
The long sandy shores and a lot of surfing attract young people who love outdoor activities to Newport Beach

However, this only proves that it is better to rent than to buy housing in this area. This makes this city perfect for younger adults that enjoy outdoor activities.

3. Renter friendly places in California – Manhattan Beach

One of the most affluent cities in Los Angeles County and the whole Southern California, Manhattan Beach is home to about 35.135 residents. The educational system of the city is among the 1% in the whole country which makes it a perfect place for those who want to pursue further education. The median house income is approximately $139.000 and the rent will take about 26% of it. This city, so far, has the highest income per capita which only means that it is a good place for younger adults to find their perfect job and work towards their future. If you are considering moving to Manhattan Beach we advise hiring Pebble Beach movers to help you with the relocation.

4. Monrovia

As we progress with the renter-friendly places in California list, we come to Monrovia. A city located in the foothills of San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County has over 36.000 residents. About an hour away from the city of Los Angeles, this place has slightly more available renter units than other cities in the area.

two students sitting in their campus
The educational prosperity of Monrovia makes it perfect for those who wish to pursue higher education

Monrovia Unified School District has a lot of public schools which makes it ideal for those who want to work on educating themselves. About 50% of the population is renting a home, while the other half owns a home.

5. Tustin

With its location in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Orange County, Tustin has about 79.000 residents. The median income is approximately $79.339 and a variety of different cultural buildings and sights, Tustin is a good place for those who want to seek cultural elevation. Moreover, the city school district is one of the highest employers in the city which is good news for young professionals. About 49% of Tustin population is renting their home. Tustin is also considered a Los Angeles suburb with Irvine bordering it on the south and east, Santa Ana on the west and Tustin Foothills from the north.

6. Loma Linda

The last of our top renter-friendly places in California is Loma Linda. We have to point out that it will be a perfect place for those who want to enrol into university. Loma Linda means “a beautiful hill” in Spanish and is located in San Bernardino County. It is home to Loma Linda University Medical Center which is a good enough reason for those who want to study medicine, to move there. Moreover, the sixth of the 18.681 residents are enrolled in college. This explains why about 62% of the population is renting their homes instead of owning them.

The State of California will require you to adapt to the lifestyle

The Sunny State is a populous area with a lot of young energy everywhere you turn. Due to the increasing numbers of people coming into the area, you will have to change your lifestyle to adapt. However, as these places we mentioned are very renter-friendly, we have no doubt that you will find your little piece of heaven in the state.

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