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Useful tips for packing and moving collectibles

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Collectibles are often valuable, therefore we should always maintain their perfect condition. However, during relocation, you have to pay close attention when packing and moving collectibles. Regardless of if you are hiring California professional movers or doing a DIY relocation, packing your items properly will save them from damage. More importantly, it will help you transport items without losing any monetary or sentimental value. That is why, in this article, we will share some tips on how to approach this process. As stressful as relocation is, sometimes we can disregard the well-being of our items so we can finish the process quicker. Bear in mind that the more you protect the item – the better.

Things you need for packing and moving collectibles

Making moving day less stressful is something everyone strives for. To achieve that you need good organization and time management. Moreover, as you probably will not be using them, you should pack your collectibles as soon as possible. That way, you will know they are safe and ready for the move. To provide good protection you will need protective materials. Such materials are:

  • Hard cardboard boxes – They will be able to endure more weight when moving
  • Packing peanuts – Perfect for filling in the gaps between the items
  • Packing tape – To make sure everything is sealed
  • Wrapping materials – to ensure your items are safe
a woman sitting on the floor with scissors, tape and small rope for packing and moving collectibles
Start packing your collectibles as soon as possible – but first, you should acquire everything you need

Moving items that are fragile, which is often the case with collectibles, can be quite difficult. Due to their fragile state, you should always aim to apply for enough protection, to preserve their original condition.

Acquire adequate boxes

The first thing you should obtain is some good boxes. Depending on what you think is best, you can opt for either cardboard or plastic boxes. If you are opting for cardboard, see if you can find corrugated boxes which increase the safety of your items. Now, these boxes are not going to hold only your items but protective material as well. So make sure you choose a good size to prevent having a clutter of them.

a husband moving boxes around the kitchen while his wife is handling a box on the floor
It is important that you know what kind of boxes will provide the best protection for your items

Evaluate how many boxes you will need for the move depending on how many items you have. Having enough boxes will help you organize everything neatly and avoid overfilling the ones you already used.

Make sure there is no room in the box while packing and moving collectibles

Another useful tip for this type of move is that you should always make sure to leave no empty space while packing. Having extra space between items will cause them to move – which can later cause damage to other items inside the box. As a way to avoid this, you can simply place packing peanuts in-between the items in the box. If you, by any chance, do not have packing peanuts, you can always turn to some soft material from your closet. For instance, you can place a shirt between your items or a pillowcase.

Wrap items in soft, cushioning materials

To add another layer of protection you should wrap your items in something soft. This applies to items that are made out of plastic, wood or other hard materials. Plastic wrap will help the items absorb damage during transport. Moreover, it will make sure the items are not scratched or damaged during transport. However, because every collectible has a sort of value to you, you should always aim to give your items enough protection regardless of the situation.

Packing and moving collectibles that are fragile

Having fragile collectibles brings another level of stress when moving. Namely, you do not only have to worry about surface damage to your items but the whole well-being of it. Due to their fragile state, these items will require special care during the relocation process. By hiring professional movers, like movers Morgan Hill CA you can ensure that the transport phase goes as smooth as possible. However, you should make sure your items are safe during that transport.

Wrap fragile items to protect them while moving

Because they are fragile and are prone to scratches your fragile collectibles will need a layer of protection. To do so, we advise using bubble wrap or newspaper. Namely, you should wrap each item individually. After wrapping the items, softly place it in a box with cushioning material inside. This way you will make sure nothing happens to them during transport and they arrive intact.

a couple packing an item in bubble wrap in their kitchen
Before storing your items inside the box you should wrap them individually in protective materials

Use original boxing if you can

Another great way to ensure the safety of your items is by packing them in their original boxes. These boxes have a purpose of giving the item enough protection during transport. If you want to avoid extra work or additional stress – this would be the best solution for you. They usually have styrofoam and wrappings for those items. Materials such as those are often used in transport and are perfect for providing enough protection. Especially if you are moving glassware, which is very fragile.

Labelling the boxes is very important

The best way to ensure your items will be handled appropriately is if you label the boxes as you finish packing them. Simply write that the items inside the box are fragile. This will not only help you know to be careful around the box. It will also help movers know that they need to handle the box gently. Packing and moving collectibles that are fragile should always end with no broken items. Therefore, labelling the boxes will make sure you decrease the chances of that happening.

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