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Ways to cut costs when moving to another state

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Everyone moves at least once in their life. Moving from one home to another, moving a business, and so on. There are different reasons people move, but what most moves have in common is that the prices are usually quite high. Although not so high that they are unaffordable a big move can sometimes leave a person on a tight budget, especially when moving out of state. Many find themselves calculating the costs and looking for ways to cut costs when moving to another state. There are many interstate moving companies California has to offer that can actually be a good choice when paired with some good moving advice.

How can you cut costs when moving to another state?

Not everyone can afford to move. Although most people move after a period of discussion and research, there are still some cases when people can’t afford to wait. For example, you have just got your dream job, and need to start working in a month. This is a case where you dont have a lot of time to waste. So naturally, you will rush the whole process from packing, arranging everything with Monterey CA movers, and dealing with everything else in between. And these are the cases where people cannot be picky with the prices. But even then there are many ways someone can cut costs when moving to another state.

A paper for planing how to cut costs when moving to another state
If you make a plan you will notice that planing where and where you can cut costs when moving to another state becomes easier.

The best way to cut costs is to plan everything! The moment you decide you will move is the same moment you should start making a plan. A detailed plan will bring you a lot of benefits. From knowing where to invest money all the way to discarding unnecessary costs.


One of the first steps you can take in order to cut costs when moving to another state is very simple. Declutter. Naturally, when moving you will need to pack. Most moving companies work the same. When you decide to move, they send someone who will take note of everything that needs to be moved. Depending on the number of items, as well as their size and weight, and the distance of the move those people will tell you the approximate price.

Although the price won’t be fixed you can see what you are working with. But do you actually need all of those items? Some things are better sold or donated to charities like The Furniture Bank. What are the things you can donate or sell?

  • Old furniture– After moving you can always redecorate your home. So donating the old furniture will help you save a lot of money while moving. Also, there might be some furniture that is too big or too small for your new space.  Not to mention that you also might have some pieces that are broken, damaged, or simply too old.
  • Clothes- Do you really need all of those clothes? The clothes you dont wear anymore, or are ripped and tared are just a waste of space and time when packing. Simply place them in a box and donate and sell them.
  • Duplicates– If you have two of the same items, will you really need them both?
Woman holding a donation box
One way to cut costs is to donate all the unnecessary items in your possession.

Packing supplies

In order to cut costs when moving to another state the way you pack will also have an impact. A visit to your local grocery store, mall, or movie theater will be a good chance to find free boxes. Also, we do understand people like bubble wrap but at the same time, you can pack fragile items in another way! Using blankets, towels, cloths, as well as old newspaper, is also effective. But of course, if you dont want to cut corners when packing you can also pick to use one of Monterey moving services.

Packing is one of the most important steps when moving. If not packed properly items can move, get damaged, or even break. So it is not smart to cut corners here. If you are not confident in packing properly alone, contact professionals. There are always other ways to cut costs when moving to another stat

Moving trucks and containors

If you decide to cut costs when moving to another state by hiring an affordable moving truck. That’s a good idea. This way you will need to pay only for the gas and the truck. But loading and unloading will be your responsibility. Calculating the cost depends on the distance and the size of the truck in question. 

Items packed in a box
If you are packing yourself, make sure everything is packed properly!

At the same time moving containers are a good option. For example, before moving from California to Arizona the moving company will drop off the container (the size you choose) at your address. In the meantime, you will need to place your items in it. After you finish the company will ship the said container to your new address.  

Ask your family and friends for help

There is a limit to what you can do alone. Be it the move itself or handling large and heavy items all require help. But if you want to cut costs when moving to another state asking for help when doing some heavy lifting and moving from your friends and family will go a long way. It’s easier to ask them, and far cheaper than paying for it. Although you will probably need to buy refreshments and some snacks. If someone you know also has a wan or a bigger car that you can borrow for the move that is even better. That way you only need to pay for gas! Just that will cut the costs significantly. And if they are your real friends they will gladly help you.

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