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What are the fastest-growing careers in Texas?

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With its 29.53 million residents and over 1.200 cities, Texas is suitable for many people. It can provide a very nice and comfortable lifestyle and it offers amazing things to see and do. But when people decide to move, the place they choose shouldn’t be all about beauty. We need to have a good job and stable career to enjoy all those things to the fullest. This is why it is not always possible to simply pack your items and move to another place. If you have been thinking about Texas for some time, you should explore it to the fullest. And while doing your research, it is good to find out more about the fastest-growing careers in Texas! Here are the most notable ones!

Living costs and economy in Texas

Before you dive into this and way before you turn to Mod Movers CA to help you with your items, you must know about the living costs and the economy in general. Even though it may not seem so important at first, both of these things will define your entire future in Texas, as well as your career. The good news is that Texas is one of the most affordable states. The living costs there rate 94.2/100 and they have been below the average for some time now. This is providing a nice and comfortable life to its residents, and it proves to be very useful for those who want to start a small business.

nurse looking at samples
Health system is one of the biggest employers and with that one of the fastest-growing careers in Texas

The majority of other costs go below the average as well. As a result, you will not have to spend too much on things like groceries and utilities. For a better understanding here are more details:

  • Groceries 93.7/100
  • Utilities 99.2/100
  • Housing  83.5/100
  • Transportation 103.3/100

Thanks to highly developed agriculture and tourism, the economy in Texas is pretty stable. After the Global Pandemic, the entire state is slowly recovering, and countless companies are getting back on track. 

Fastest-growing careers in Texas

According to many official statistics, Texas is developing quickly. From 2019-2023 this state welcomed 1.7% more newcomers from all around the USA. And while low living costs are the main reason, a lot of people moved there because of a new job offer. The state that is sending most of its residents to Texas is California, and in 2019 Texas welcomed more than 82,235 people from CA. It is good to mention that California has higher living costs as well as a higher unemployment rate, and to many young people, Texas is a perfect match. Moving from California to Texas is popular among the elderly as well. With low housing costs, this state proved to be perfect for retiring and downsizing.

Healthcare is one of the most notable careers in Texas

States as huge as Texas will naturally attract a lot of people. And where you have more people, there is always a need for more medical workers. Considering that Texas has no income tax, health costs are the same as the national average. Its biggest cities like Austin and Houston are always looking for young people who graduated from colleges and universities and are looking for jobs in this field. It is good to mention that only Austin has around 50 hospitals both public and private. Apart from that you can find many clinics which in total make up over 100 establishments just in this area. As a result, you can easily find a job as a:

  • Medical assistant
  • Registered nurse
  • Doctor
  • Physician

And those who end up working in a hospital or clinic in Texas can expect to have a suitable annual salary. In fact, on average a registered nurse in Texas can earn up to $38.68 per hour. If you plan on doing the same, make sure to apply on time. There are a lot of people doing so every month, and this can help you avoid waiting for too long. With the help of long distance movers California, you can be there just in time for your job interview.

two guys looking at their computers and talking about fastest-growing careers in Texas
IT and software development is going strong in this state as well

IT and software development careers are skyrocketing as well

Nowadays, young professionals would rather work from home with the help of their laptops, than chose a 9-5 job somewhere in the office. When it comes to those living in Texas, they are encouraged by some huge tech giants which have headquarters there. Thanks to these large companies operating from there, young people will stay after graduating, instead of leaving Texas looking for a job someplace else. Another thing worth mentioning is that remote working is very popular in this state. As a result, working in this field is one of the fastest-growing careers in Texas.

The companies that are absolute leaders and constantly offer different job positions include:

  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Dell
  • Yahoo

Apart from them, there are many small businesses related to IT in Texas. Considering that social media is now present in everyone’s life, the information is spread super fast. New jobs and companies are being established every day and if you are interested you can easily give it a shot. In case you already have a company, you may need some professional help to do it like a professional. When moving your business to Texas you must always think about your current and future clients and avoid pausing the flow for too long.

Among the fastest-growing careers in Texas is also education

When you narrow it all down, Texas is home to around 268 colleges and universities. As you know by now, this is making certain places extremely popular as students will always look for a good school in an affordable city. The most notable educational establishments are:

  • The University of Texas, Austin
  • Rice University, Houston
  • University of Houston, Houston 
teacher writing on the blackboard and doing one of the fastest-growing careers in Texas
considering how many universities and colleges Texas has, it is only logical that it needs a lot of new employees constantly

Since each one of these is ranking very high on the American scale of education, they are always open to hiring new employees. But working in this type of environment doesn’t mean you have to be a teacher or professor. Colleges and universities are looking for all kinds of professions, and some of them are:

  • Teachers
  • Professors
  • Counselors
  • Cleaners
  • Secretaries
  • Lawyers
  • Medical workers

Those who wish to find a job and start working in one of these places should schedule their relocation on time. Universities and colleges in Texas have up to 51,991 enrolments each, and waiting for a new school year to begin will be a great option. This way you can get to know the place, your new community, and the university itself, before officially joining them. 

We can’t skip mentioning construction careers as well

Not every job will be office-based just like not every profession is related to computers and tech. States like Texas which are developing fast tend to expand cities and neighborhoods very fast. In fact, Austin is the second fastest-growing city in the USA, the first being Cape Coral in Florida. The skyscrapers are being built all the time, and even the suburbs keep on getting new establishments almost daily. To achieve this, Texas must have people from the construction field and they tend to come from different states and countries as well. As a result, in this state, you can find people working on construction from California, New York, and Europe as well.

You probably wonder what companies are leaders in this field regarding Texas. Considering there are countless of them, you can feel free to explore until you find your match. However, the biggest ones currently are:

  • Pogue Construction
  • Turner Construction Co
  • Tellepsen
two construction workers
Construction is one of the fastest-growing careers in Texas with a stable income

And when people find a suitable job, they usually decide to move their entire family with them. When you decide to move your household, you should first secure not only your job but your new home as well. Blending in after relocation will be a much more pleasant experience if you don’t have to rush through it. Even if you have to be there earlier professional movers will help you do it for a nice price and right on time. 

You can also find a good job in business and finance

The business sector in this state doesn’t fall behind as well. As of 2022 people started focusing more on starting small businesses and that is now showing positive results. A lot of young people will use social media as their main tool for selling and advertising their services. Those who succeed and manage to put their services and products out there will continue to open a store or move their business someplace else. When narrowing them down, it is safe to say that Texas has around 60 business centers in different cities. Business and finance can guide you to find a job as:

  • Bank manager
  • Banking customer service adviser
  • Bookkeeper
  • Business adviser

But since this field is so wide and covers many other professions, chances are high that you already have a business on your own. Moving it to Texas will be easy as long as you rely on movers for transportation and packing services California.

The average salary for a bank manager in Texas is around $59,672 which is more than in California or Florida. But you must be aware that the demand for this position can be really high in Texas and you must act on time. If you make a final decision to move make sure to have a perfect plan to follow and visit the place a couple of times. Your new employer can request you to show up multiple times and missing a meeting is something you should avoid. 

aerial photo of Austin as that is the home to many fastest-growing careers in Texas
Austin and Houston are the main candidates that offer countless job positions for different professions

Is expanding your business to Texas a good idea?

Considering everything above, moving or expanding your business to Texas could be an excellent idea. Doing that can introduce you to a new client base and make the connections with the current one even stronger. Of course, this is not a simple thing to do, especially if you have a lot of employees who will be moving with you. they will need to hire furniture movers California on time, so you must give them enough space to organize their individual relocations. Carefully plan every step you will take and try to keep your budget under control. The last thing you need is to experience financial losses before you get to present your services or products.

For many people, moving cross country from California is a long-term plan, especially when the second destination is Texas. There have been multiple reports that people managed to move and start building their empires from scratch. This will not happen overnight, but Texas will surely be on your side. 

In conclusion

If you are young and have just graduated from college, you have all the time in the world to make a good decision. Write down all the options and carefully go through each one of them. Whatever happens to be the final one, always be careful and put your priorities straight. There will be times when finding work will seem too difficult, but that usually just means you need to take a short break. No matter where you currently live, try to rely fully on a professional moving company. With their packing supplies and spacious vehicles, moving will not last too long. And once you arrive, make sure to work on your social life as well. After all, there will be a lot of wonderful things to see and do in Texas. 

man talking on the phone about fastest-growing careers in Texas
Moving your business to Texas is a great idea, so plan the advertising on time

Some of these fastest-growing careers in Texas will surely keep on growing in the future as well. Once that starts happening, people will see more potential in each one of them. Moving from California to Houston will end up being a good choice, as long as you know what are you looking for. You will surely not be the only one to do it, and checking what others have to say can help you make a decision. According to many people who did the same thing, Texas was and will remain a perfect match for a successful business and affordable lifestyle!


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