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What are the perks of moving to Morgan Hill

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In case you are one of the lucky few that plans on moving to Morgan Hill we prepared a shortlist of perks. There are many perks of moving to Morgan Hill and we will try to cover the basic ones in this post. Northern California movers advise you to check them carefully since this city has a lot of things to offer. In short, this is a small city with a big community and great opportunities for children, families, businesspeople, and nature lovers to enjoy.

Before you decide to move to Morgan Hill

Before moving to Morgan Hill, or before moving in general to another city, there are several things to account for. First of all, moving can be very stressful – you need to get ready for that. There is no easy way around this. You need to make a solid plan and stick to it. In case you don’t know what to do, or where to start from, we suggest you hire a professional. There are many moving companies Morgan Hill CA that can help you with the moving process so don’t hesitate to contact them. Spending months in preparation for the move without consulting an expert might be a false- economy situation.

A diverse couple is considering the perks of moving to Morgan Hill on a tablet
It’s important to make a solid plan before your move date

Time is money nowadays and you need to calculate how much time will it take to handle all the things by yourself. You should then compare that amount of time with the time you would need with professionals and consider their rate from that perspective. Only in that way, you will see what kind of value you get for the money you gave. But don’t worry too much about this – moving day will come and go and you will get to enjoy all the perks of moving to Morgan Hill.

Morgan Hill is a perfect place for everyone to slow down from a fast-paced city life

The first of the perks of moving to Morgan Hill is kind of an advantage-disadvantage thing. Namely, Morgan Hill is not your typical CA town. First of all, it is small. Only 44 000 people live here. Surely, if you are used to a fast-paced city lifestyle this will be a relief. There are no major factories in the city – making it very environmentally friendly. Since nowadays cities are becoming increasingly overcrowded it’s almost everyone’s desire to move to a smaller place. Morgan Hill overs just that – making it a perfect town for everyone. It has a real suburb vibe and if you are looking for that you will fit right in. California residential movers are there for you should you seek any further info on the exact figures related to the city. Consider having a unique suburb experience in California just 10 miles from Santa Clara.

Neighborhoods are lovely in Morgan Hill

We already mentioned that Morgan Hill has a nice suburban vibe so it’s perfect for a family to move to. We are positive that your family will feel safe and satisfied if you chose one of the following neighborhoods:

  • Madrone
  • Coyote
  • San Martin
  • Anderson Lake
  • Chesbro Lake

Other neighborhoods are also pretty good – we just picked these since they have the lowest crime rate in Morgan Hill. Surely, a city that is one of the 50 safest cities in America to live in can be a great place for you to raise your kids. These neighborhoods are not only safe, but they also have a lot of outdoor activities. One of the perks of moving to Morgan Hill is the fact that the city has many parks and green areas within its borders. Residents take pride in outdoor activities – just on the outskirts of this city there are several county and state parks that are available to all who want to visit them.

An Asian child and her family
Life in top neighborhoods in Morgan Hill is slow-paced and family oriented

Wages have been increasing lately

You read it right – an average wage has been increased by 2,8% in the previous 6 months. However, this came with a price – the cost of living was also increased and it’s still increasing. Since the problem with the cost of living is not Morgan Hill related we won’t go through it in this article. We just hope that the whole thing with the global crisis will come to an end soon. When discussing job opportunities we feel that Morgan Hill has many. What it lacks in large-scale business opportunities it makes up in the small-business field. The most popular jobs are in the engineering industry since several companies hire experts in Morgan Hill. The average salary is $75 000 annually and the average hourly rate is $22.

Education opportunities are one of the reasons for moving to Morgan Hill

We have already mentioned that Morgan Hill has only 44 000 residents. The reason why we are doing it again is so that you can compare the number of schools – there are astonishing 13 schools in the city. Around 8000 students are currently enrolled in those facilities. So just by simply dividing the numbers, you would see that almost every 5th resident of Morgan Hill is actually a student. This is why so many young couples are moving to Morgan Hill nowadays. Not only that there are so many schools but also there are so many good students here; If we look at the state test scores, 39% of students are at least proficient in math and 49% in reading. This means that the education is above average in Morgan Hill – and that’s why Monterey moving services are so busy nowadays with so many people wanting to move to this city. You should hesitate no more if you seek a city with a good education system – you just found it.

A kid sitting in the classroom
One of the best perks of moving to Morgan Hill is the great education system the city has

Final thoughts on the perks of moving to Morgan Hill

As you can probably guess by now, Morgan Hill is a great place to live. We listed some of the perks of moving to Morgan Hill but not all – there are many more. We encourage you to make a solid plan, organize your move and relocate as soon as you can to Morgan Hill – we are sure you will enjoy it fully.

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