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What is the best way to pack and unpack porcelain

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There are fragile items involved in each move. Glass plates, mugs, cups, and all sorts of dishes that need to be handled with extra care. Porcelain is one of the most fragile materials, and no matter if it’s porcelain mugs and plates or cute figurines that you want to take with you, you need to learn how to pack and unpack porcelain. Mod Movers have assisted many clients who were moving porcelain items with them and we are here to give you some tips on how to successfully do the same.

Before packing porcelain, do an inventory

Yes, you should do an inventory of your porcelain items before packing them. How can you do this? If you’re packing your porcelain plates and cups, count them and write down how many there are. This will help you when unpacking to make sure everything is there, or if something gets damaged, you can keep track of how much is damaged or how much is left. This is more common to do with porcelain figurines and décor.

Different sizes porcelain plates
To get ready to pack and unpack porcelain items, it’s best to keep an inventory of them.

Putting all your figurines on a flat service, such as a table or kitchen counter, and decide if you’re taking them all with you or you’re leaving some behind. This is one way of doing it. Once you’ve made your selection, you can either just write the number of figurines or give yourself more hints, for example, “porcelain elephant, little rabbit, kitty” etc. Once you’re done keeping track, you are ready to pack them! If you are skeptical about doing this by yourself, you can always ask for assistance or advice from moving companies with professional packing services.

The first and second layer

When packing porcelain, you will need two layers of paper. The first one is packing paper and the second one is bubble wrap paper. Many people only pack their porcelain in bubble wrap, and that is ok, but to be extra safe, moving companies in Carmel CA advise you to use both layers. The first layer should be a soft packing paper. You can probably find this in your local office supplies store. A useful tip when packing and unpacking porcelain is to use black packing paper. Never use newspaper or colored packing paper as you could stain your porcelain with ink.  Another tip is to make sure the tape is not touching your porcelain, as this can also cause damage.

To successfully pack and unpack porcelain, line up your items and take inventory
Packing your porcelain items is only one part of moving them. Unpacking is the other one.

After you do this, you can start wrapping your porcelain items in bubble wrap. Make sure you’re covering all parts of the item, especially any delicate spots. Pay close attention to any already damaged items. Maybe your favorite porcelain mug is already cracked but you want to keep it. Put some extra bubble wrap around it. Once you’re done wrapping the items, you can start carefully placing them in boxes. These boxes should be of good quality to prevent damage. Moving boxes Monterey CA offers a variety of packing supplies and boxes that can help you while you pack and unpack porcelain.

You’re ready to pack and unpack porcelain to your new home

If you’ve packed your porcelain items properly, you’ve done half of the work. However, you need to pay attention to unpacking these items as well. Monterey Bay Movers recommend that you unpack these last. Why? If you’re unpacking them before other stuff and you’re running around your place arranging it, something may be broken. So, save your porcelain items for the last and unpack them one by one, using scissors or a different sharp object to remove the bubble wrap. Be careful and don’t injure yourself or damage porcelain. We hope you’re ready to pack and unpack your porcelain and set it up in your new home. Good luck!

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