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What is the cheapest time to relocate to Carmel Valley

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Moving to Carmel Valley? You’ve probably got a lot of questions and you’re looking for the best way to organize your relocation. Though moving comes with a lot of challenges, we know the thing that most people worry about is their moving budget. And it’s for a good reason. Unfortunately, moving isn’t the cheapest undertaking, so it’s good to look for ways to reduce your moving costs. Well, we’ve got some good news. If you’re hiring Carmel Valley moving companies, there’s one thing you can do to pay a bit less for their services. By simply picking the cheapest time to relocate to Carmel Valley, you’ll be able to save a few coins! So, if you want to lower your moving expenses, continue reading to learn about the best moving dates.

It’s true – the early bird does catch the worm

Night owls, we’re sorry, but if you’re looking for the cheapest time to move to Carmel Valley, you should wake up earlier. Moving in early in the morning is a good way to save some money and reduce your moving expenses. So, unfortunately, sleeping in and spending the morning in bed isn’t the best option on moving day.

A cup of coffee
Have a strong cup of coffee and get an early start on moving day if you want to save some money.

Instead, set your alarm, have a strong cup of coffee and a good breakfast and get ready for the movers’ arrival early in the morning. If you’re really not a morning person and not even saving some money is worth waking up early for you, don’t worry. There are a few other ways in which picking the right time to move can reduce your moving costs. 

Rest on the weekends and move on a weekday

We know that weekends are the most convenient time for moving. But that’s exactly why they’re more expensive than weekdays. Because everyone is free on the weekends, that is when people tend to move their household. Therefore most of the Monterey Peninsula movers are booked up and busy. Not only is it difficult to find a time slot for your move on a weekend, but it’s also more expensive. So, if you’re after the cheapest time to relocate to Carmel Valley, it’s best to do it during the workweek. You’ll avoid the high demand days and hence hiring movers will be more affordable.

Choose the right season if you’re looking for the cheapest time to relocate to Carmel Valley

The prices of moving services vary depending on the time of your move, and one of the biggest factors that determines the prices is the season you choose for moving. Each season comes with certain pros and cons, so let’s see which seasons are the best for moving.

Move during the winter for the cheapest moving services

Looking for the absolute cheapest time to relocate to Carmel Valley? In that case, you should book a date in the wintertime. The winter months are too popular for moving because of the inconvenient weather conditions. Because the residential movers don’t have as much work as in the warmer periods, their prices go down at this time. So, when you’re in search of the most affordable time for moving, winter is the choice for you.

A snowy road
Moving is the cheapest time for relocating to Carmel Valley, but it might not be the most convenient.

However, though the moving rates are lower, there are other expenses that come with moving in the winter. Buying winter equipment for your car, for example, is something you’ll have to think about. Not only that, but the weather conditions can cause issues and complications that you wouldn’t encounter when moving at a warmer time. So, think about the pros and cons of moving in the winter before scheduling a moving date.

Moving in the spring

Spring could be the perfect time for a relocation. Not only are the prices still on the lower side, but the weather is also just right. Something that could be an issue if you’re moving with kids is their school. Namely, if your move requires your kids to switch schools, it could be tough for them to do that in the middle of the school year. So, that’s something to keep in mind when it comes to moving in the spring. Otherwise, it’s one of the cheapest times to move to Carmel Valley and the most pleasant period of the year.

Fall is also a cheap time for moving to Carmel Valley

When September rolls around, the prices of moving services start going down. So, if you’re a lover of the late summer and fall period, moving in the fall could be the right choice for you. The weather is usually mild and you’re getting good prices – what more could you ask for? Once again, just keep in mind that it could be slightly inconvenient for your kids to start a new school if they’ve already started the school year.

Summer is the peak of the moving season – the prices are high

Getting moving prices at the lowest prices is all about avoiding the high demand periods. Well, summer is the perfect example of the time when most people relocate their households. Because a lot of people have time off work and kids are out of school during the summer, this is the most convenient season for moving. Therefore, the peak of the moving season is in the summer.

Palm trees
Moving in the summer might be the most convenient decision, but it’s not the cheapest choice.

Because this is when most people relocate, long-distance moving companies are almost fully booked and it’s hard to get a moving date. Not only that, but their prices also go up. So, even though you might have free time and moving in the summer is the easiest choice, it’s not the most affordable one. That’s why if you’re searching for the cheapest time for a move to Carmel Valley, we suggest avoiding the summer months and choosing a date between September and May.

Pick a moving date in the middle of the month

Last but not least, we have another tip for those looking for the cheapest time to relocate to Carmel Valley. Namely, because most people move in the end of the month or at the beginning of the month, you should avoid those days. Instead, opt for a moving day that’s in the middle of the month. Because of the lower demand, you’ll get moving services at a lower price. Also, the movers will be more flexible, so you’ll be able to choose the best moving time for you.

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