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What should you know before moving from Pacific Grove to Portland

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Preparation for the move is something you must do at least a month before your chosen moving date. Not only do you avoid chaos and mess, but you have a better track of all moving tasks on your list. Rest assured that moving from Pacific Grove to Portland can be much simpler if you organize well. However, it’s important to pick a reliable team of movers to carry out all the tasks. We at Mod Movers are there to execute the move in a timely manner and cater to your needs and preferences. With us at your disposal, you can be sure any relocation runs smoothly. Make sure to give us a call to learn more about our offer!

You need a plan for a hassle-free move from Pacific Grove to Portland

Neither long-distance moving endeavor can go easily without proper time management and checklists. That’s why planning all your moving tasks is of utmost importance. Only then you will feel less overwhelmed and remember to complete everything from the list. However, make sure to stay flexible in case something unexpected affects the schedule. You don’t have to stick to it rigidly since you never know what can come up and interfere with your duties.

a hand writing a schedule
Make a schedule with all your moving tasks first.

It takes time to find a reliable moving company for a Pacific Grove to Portland move

There’s a reason why it’s necessary to start your search as soon as you decide to move. It will take some research and therefore time to get to some of the best movers in Pacific Grove CA has on offer. It’s not a good idea to jump into hasty decisions just because the company’s website seems impressive. In order to be sure the company you want to hire is trustworthy and experienced, make sure to do a background check.

Start with the company’s work history. Check their information on their website and then move to Yelp, Craigslist, and other platforms to read customer testimonials. Also, check if the company is licensed and fully verified. Online databases, as well FMSCA‘s website can tell you if the company ranks among the top-tier ones. After that, choose several companies that appeal to you the most. Call each of them and discuss all important matters with their teams. Make sure there are no hidden fees. Book several moving estimates and then decide which one is the best for you.

The total moving budget goes above the moving estimate

Keep in mind that moving estimates are approximate moving expenses you can expect. The rest depends on additional services, like storage sizes, extra supplies, heavy loads, etc. That’s why your total moving budget has to be higher than the price written on an estimate you get. Moreover, it’s better to have extra money left after the relocation.

pen, notepad, calculator, and money on a table
Include the services you need into your moving budget.

There are ways to reduce total moving expenses

Once you factor all the necessary moving services into your moving budget, you will easily find ways to reduce the final cost of the move:

  • Decluttering – This is the best way to earn extra money while reducing the number of items for the move. Furthermore, you won’t need as many moving boxes as in the beginning.
  • Packing – While packing services are much-needed, your movers don’t have to pack your entire home. There are items you can pack yourself and reduce the workload for movers. That way, the final price will go down.
  • Storage – As you already assume, moving from California to Portland can’t go without a decent indoor storage unit. However, the size and duration of the rental period add up to the final price. Therefore, decide how many items you need to store after you declutter your entire home. After that, speak with your movers and pick a storage size that works for you. There’s no need to pay for extra space you won’t use. Also, make sure that you can have all-day access to stored belongings.
  • Moving supplies – Affordable yet at the same time quality moving boxes are available at professional moving companies. Many of them offer decent boxes at reasonable prices. On the other hand, you can ask someone you know to give you their boxes, but only if they are still in good condition.

Many interstate moving companies California has on the market include a wide variety of services at reasonable prices. Hence why hiring such movers happens to be cost-effective in most cases.

You will need plenty of time to rest after your move to Portland is completed

Believe it or not, many people underestimate the importance of rest time after the move. Moving is an exhausting endeavor, which is why it’s important to give yourself some time to recharge. Unpacking comes after the move, and it’s yet another task that requires time and effort. Therefore, ask the movers to help you unpack the bed and necessities. Switch off your phone, and get some sleep. Once you gain some energy back, make another schedule. Unpacking is best if done day by day, without pressure. Plus, you’ll have time to explore a new neighborhood and gradually get used to the new city.

a person wearing a pair of slippers
Take time to recharge after moving from Pacific Grove to Portland.

People move from Pacific Grove to Portland for its many benefits

Currently, Portland holds a high place among desirable places for living. Besides various opportunities for prosperous careers and well-paid jobs, you can also expect much lower tax rates. In addition, Portland is known as a startup hub and home to many non-profit organizations. In addition to a booming economy, this city has so much to offer to its residents. That’s why moving from Pacific Grove to Portland means a more laid-back and at the same time vibrant lifestyle. The cultural scene of Portland is something you must experience if you enjoy galleries, museums, and cultural events in general. On the other hand, Portland is famous for sports as well. It’s never boring in this city, and there’s something for everybody’s taste.

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