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What to do before Carmel Valley movers arrive?

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There are always questions regarding movers when you are moving. Questions like, what are you supposed to do before Carmel Valley movers arrive and similar. We will try to answer most of those questions you might have. We are certain that one of those is who should you hire to move you? You should hire moving companies in Carmel CA. Let us move on to tougher questions.

Should you do anything before Carmel Valley movers arrive?

Yes, yes you should. There are things, and by things, we mean most of the work if not all, Mod Movers will do for you. Nevertheless, the are other things you should do for yourself and to be polite to the movers. We will be discussing them.

List-before Carmel Valley movers arrive
Be sure to make an inventory. Even better, also make a to-do list of things that should be done before Carmel Valley movers arrive.

What is it that you are supposed to do?

Many things really, and most of them are for your own good. You see, you are participating in the move one way or another. This means that you hold the strings of the organization. Well, that is exactly what you should do, organize and do everything that goes with it.

Organization before Carmel Valley movers arrive

We mentioned organization first so we will start with that. Much before your movers arrive, you should have your boxes, belongings, and everything else well prepared for them. If you are not a fan of packing your items, you can always hire a company that provides packing services. Organizing your boxes will be of great help to the movers and, before anything else, a great help to yourself. This is because everything will go faster, and you will know what is where at every moment.

Creating an inventory

Again, we mentioned knowing what is where so we will continue with the inventory part. Creating an inventory is very important. After you have packed, or have been packed, and have organized the boxes and belongings in your, soon to be, former home, you should do the following. Take a pen and paper or your phone and write down everything that is going to be moved. We believe you have labeled your packed boxes so you should put the labels in your makeshift inventory. Write down absolutely everything. From boxes to big and small furniture, every little thing. This way, you can keep track of your items and make sure that nothing gets lost the whole way to your new home.

Pets and kids
Maybe you should leave your pets and kids with someone while the move is in process.

Get rid of everything that you do not need

While you were packing and deciding what you should move with you, you have probably also decided to throw away a lot of stuff or give it to someone else. Because of this, you are even more probable to be standing in a room full of boxes and things that are going to be moved, along with that clutter you are going to get rid of. Before Carmel Valley movers arrive, we recommend that you take big bags and throw out anything you were going to get rid of anyway. Those things will just be in the way of the move and can slow down the process a lot. It would be much easier if you were to get them out of the house before the movers arrive.

Pets and kids

Having pets and kids present on the day of the move can really complicate things. If your kids are older, they can even help out but if they are younger, not so much. They would be bored and probably be exposed to a lot of dust. Besides, they would get in the way because you cannot expect your pets and kids to just stand still in a corner and not move a muscle while the move is in process. Rather than doing that, you should find another option where they would not be present. If they are older, you can let them take the pets and go for a walk or to a coffee shop, whatever will keep them occupied. On the other hand, if they are younger, try calling grandparent or some friends with whom they can be while the movers are cleaning out your home.

What else can you do before Carmel Valley movers arrive

Pretty much anything you think would help the moving process or yourself, really. You can also:

  1. Make some coffee or tea before Carmel Valley movers arrive, it would be rather polite.
  2. Take photos of your former home for sentimental reasons.
  3. Do a double check on everything.
  4. Make sure you have cash for tips.
  5. Secure the door frames with some foam padding or anything else you have in case it is harder to move the big furniture through the door.
  6. Maybe even protect the floors with something, just in case.
  7. Keep all valuable things in a box or bag that you will personally move and have with you the entire way. You do not want something like that to get lost or stolen. Precautionary measures are always the best choice. It is better to be safe than sorry.

You can do anything you feel is necessary or will help you pass your time.

Coffee to go
Since you packed all of your cups and mugs, you should go and buy some coffee to go for your movers, it would be polite, and you will make their day.

You will be ready when your movers arrive

We have given you all the tips and ideas that we thought would be of great help and use. You can do other things before Carmel Valley movers arrive too. Make a list of the things you think should be done and then do them one by one. You want your move to be perfectly organized so the list is a great idea to keep track of everything that is done and is next in line to be done. Nevertheless, just remember to do everything on time and you will be all set to have a perfectly organized move. we wish you good luck!

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