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What to do if movers are late?

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Many things can influence how the relocation will go! Starting with how many items you are transporting to when you will move. But, this time we will talk about the tasks you can do if your movers are late! If you are dealing with professional movers, then something might have happened that led them to be late for your relocation! Most of the time it is bad traffic! Here are a couple of things you can do before they arrive!

If movers are late, go over everything again

Once in a while, you may end up in a situation that your movers are late. And all you have to do is wait for them to arrive. There are several ways you can turn that time into something very constructive! One of the best things you can do before your movers arrive is to go over your checklist once again. On your list, you should have tasks that you already completed before the moving day, and some of those things are:

  • Check if you canceled all the utility services. This way you will be sure that all of the utilities are canceled and you won’t have to pay for something you do not use anymore!
  • Go over the things you packed. Once you have a list of things you have, you should make a list of what items are packed in which boxes! That way you will surely know what is where when you have to unpack. This is something you can finish up quickly if movers are late!
a woman browsing her tablet when movers are late
If movers are late, check if you canceled all of the utilities

Once you checked how you packed your items you can wait for your movers to arrive. Although they can be late for reasonable reasons, you can always count on moving companies in California to handle your items with care. Furthermore, they could even give you a discount because of the circumstances!

Make an unpacking plan

While movers are late, you will have just enough time to plan your unpacking once the moving is over! You just can’t unpack everything instantly! Making a plan is one of the most important things you will have to do! So, when it comes to your unpacking plan, you need to have the following:

  • Make a hierarchy of items you will unpack! You do not need to unpack bedroom first, or the garage. Make sure to unpack the most important items in your boxes!
  • Deliver boxes to their designated rooms! That way it will be very easy to unpack since you won’t be carrying those items around the house!
  • Unpack essential box first! This box has to contain items you will use in the first days after the move is done!
a person writing a plan
You have enough time to make an unpacking plan

One of the biggest issues people have after they move is that they do not know how to unpack their boxes. With all that commotion, they just keep unpacking the wrong stuff and making a mess around the house! This is where that unpacking plan comes in handy! And if you have such a plan, and you know which box goes where then your moving companies in Gilroy will distribute them to their designated rooms with ease!

Label the boxes

The most important thing you can do if movers are late is labeling the moving boxes! This simple task is quite important since you will be able to know what items are packed in what box! Also, it will make the unpacking process much easier!  What you will need is one bright colored marker and you are off! Label every box with the tags like kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. This is a sure way to know that you can put these boxes where they belong. Also, it is a bonus if you add what the box contains

labeled moving boxes
Don’t forget to label the moving boxes

What you need to remember is that every box has its weight limit! And if you overpack it, you will risk injuring your back! And in order to avoid that, you will have to know how to lift heavy objects! Only with proper lifting techniques will you avoid any back injuries!

Your move is late, not canceled

One thing you need to remember in situations like this is, that your move is just late, not canceled! You shouldn’t panic about this because it will only lead to bad things! Most people can panic and think all sorts of things happened. It is very important to remain calm and just keep in touch with your movers! Knowing where they are and when they will arrive will live you with the peace of mind! What you can do to lower the moving anxiety is to, for example, make a quick snack or some healthy herbal tea! Tea is just one of the ways to overcome relocation anxieties you will face before you move out!

a person thinking
Your movers are only late, don’t overthink

Protecting your home

By protecting your home we mean how to protect it from any damages that can happen on a moving day! If the movers are late, take your time to wrap some wooden furniture, and maybe place some paddings on the floor! This will provide them with protection against any damages and scratches! If you are planning to sell your home, then every damage can lower the price of it! Make sure you know more about the ways to damage-proof your home on a moving day before starting your relocation!

rolled cardboard
Use cardboard to protect your floor from scratches

These are the basic things you can do if the movers are late! The main thing you need to remember is not to panic! Have in mind that the movers will arrive eventually and you will be off with your relocation! You can just do all the things we wrote above and you will be ok!

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