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What To Do One Week Before Moving Day?

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It is essential to learn what to do one week before moving day. It would help if you prepared on time and we are sure that you have started on time. However, it is not enough. You should make a schedule and do every part when it is needed. It is worthless to do things too soon and not good if late. In case you have problems with organizing, you should rely on Mod movers. They will do whatever is needed to organize a job quickly.

Documents to prepare one week before moving day

There are a lot of things that you should do before moving day. However, it would help if you made in a to-do list documents. You should finalize transfer to another place, and collect files that you should take with you. When it comes to relocation, you should pay bills, too.

Prepare all you can on time and at least a week before moving day
  • You should have licenses, passport and medical files near you, especially if moving on the long-distance;
  • Do not forget to prepare a driving license if you choose to travel alone when moving;
  • If you have a pet, do not forget to visit the veterinarian and prepare documentations one week before moving day.

Pay remaining bills

People sometimes forget to pay the essential bills. They delay it to the end of the months and then forget. Things become harder when organize moving. There are things that you should pay before. You can hire excellent hauling services Monterey, for less money. However, partly you should pay upfront.

One week before moving day is a right time to start with protecting of the fragile items

Confirm the movers and time

If you have chosen a good moving company, you should not worry about the moving day. However, it is crucial to define precisely when to start moving and packing. Also, ask from them boxes and supplies at least a week before packing.

Transfer bank account

You have surely planned to organize transferring of the bank account to the new destination. It is especially vital when organizing long-distance moving. However, you should do it a week before moving and do not make trouble later.

Start with packing one week before moving day

Packing is undoubtedly the most important when moving. However, it would help if you did not forget that it does not include only having a bunch of large boxes. You should pack documents, valuable and small items. Also, it is essential to pack essential boxes on time.

Pack essential box

You undoubtedly know how essential the box is necessary. It would help if you packed all the crucial things you will use from the first day. It should include pajama, toothbrushes, but also a snack and medicine. Do not forget to put the documents that you will not use during transportation. Finally, the packing of these boxes should start a few days before.

Tablets and money
A week before moving is time to pack essentials in a bag

Prepare a meal plan

You should organize food for the days when packing starts. You will not have time to cook. The best is to prepare easy meals for moving week. However, do not forget to purchase groceries one week before moving day.

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