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What to do with unwanted clothes when moving

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So, you happen to have a problem with an excess of clothes before your move. Believe it or not, this is something a lot of folks tend to encounter. Even though it might seem like an issue you are going to have trouble dealing with, there are many simple solutions. We are going to show you what to do with unwanted clothes when moving. Relocation processes in general are very stressful, and you will need to make some sacrifices either way. Sometimes those sacrifices include dealing with some of your clothes which you can’t bring with you.  Luckily, working this problem out is going to be a breeze. The only thing which you should think about is which tip you are going to be taking as your go-to solution. Here are the most popular ways in which you can get rid of those unwanted clothing pieces before starting your move.

If you don’t know what to do with unwanted clothes when moving, donate them

Once you have selected the appropriate moving help Monterey CA, you will need to figure out what you will do with the clothes you won’t be bringing with you. Now, we heavily suggest that you think about donating some of your clothes. This is the most humane thing that you can do in this situation and it will help someone out tremendously. Considering the fact that it’s winter, many people who are homeless don’t have what it takes to dress appropriately for it.

A volunteer deciding what to do with unwanted clothes when moving
If you’re wondering what to do with unwanted clothes when moving, we suggest that you donate them to someone in need.

If you end up donating some of your clothes to a homeless shelter, you might just be saving someone’s life. This is something you should seriously think about. It is a win-win situation. You are going to be getting rid of the clothes which you can’t bring while still assisting someone in a very meaningful way. We also suggest that you also donate some of your children’s clothes to a foster home or any other institution that you see fit. You will be able to make someone’s day, and that is something not a lot of people can say that did. Think about doing something like this.

Sell them online

Whether you’re moving from California to Arizona or Texas, you are always going to be able to sell your clothes online. We recommend that you do this if you are on the lower side of the budget spectrum during your move. It will help you to be a little bit more financially stable. You are going to be able to sell your clothes very quickly if you post them on appropriate websites. This is something people tend to do very frequently when it comes to situations like these. Make sure that you go through all of your clothes so you can be sure that you want to sell them. There have been many instances where people regret afterward their decision to do something like this. Take your time and assess if you really want to do this, as there is going to be no turning back.

A woman looking at a laptop
Selling your clothes online will bring you some extra cash which can come in handy during your relocation process

Give the clothes to your friends

Before your California interstate movers come and pick all of your belongings up, you should think about gifting some of your clothes to your friends. This is also a very popular thing to do among people who have to leave some of their clothes behind when they are moving. You are going to be making some of your friends very happy if you happen to do this. This is especially true if you’re going to be moving over long distances. Your friends are probably going to be sad seeing you go away, and you gifting them a piece of your clothing will make them appreciate you even more. If you don’t know whether or not your friends are going to like the clothes you plan to give them, ask. They are going to be glad to pick something that they see appealing.

Throw a garage sale

If you happen to have more than clothes to leave behind, we suggest that you think about throwing a garage sale. Many folks don’t like the hassle of internet selling. Even though we think that selling your clothes online is a lot easier, you can still throw a garage sale. This is also a very good option for you if you wish to sell some of your other things so you don’t have to use the storage services which many moving companies tend to provide. A garage sale will result in less money in comparison to an online sale, but it is going to be a lot quicker as well. If you are on a tight deadline, this might be the way for you to go. Make sure that you have some sort of assistance when throwing a garage sale, as things can get hectic.

A garage sale
Throwing a garage sale is also a very good way of trying to sell some of your unwanted clothes and other items

Store them

If you still don’t know what to do with unwanted clothes when moving, we must suggest that you think about using the aforementioned storage solutions which almost all moving companies tend to offer. You will be able to rent out storage space where you can place all of your clothes. Apart from that, you will also be able to store many other things if you happen to need that. Depending on the time you will store your items, you will probably have to choose between long-term and short-term storage solutions. Think about what you will choose. Don’t make any hasty decisions, especially if you can’t spend a lot of money. A lot of people don’t have the heart to throw out all of their clothes or give them away. They are sentimentally attached to them. If this sounds like you, then this might be the perfect solution for your problem.

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