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What to do with your car when relocating to Austin

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Moving your ”life in boxes” is a challenging task, especially if it is about a cross-country move. It means you will need a lot of planning and logistic. If you are moving with the help of our moving companies California to Texas, it can take days, even weeks to get ready for the big move. Preparing and packing your household items is not going to be that hard. The thing that will concern you more is what you should do whit your car when relocating to Austin. You must be wondering should you sell your car and get a new one after the move. Or you should learn ways to prepare your vehicle for the relocation, too. Luckily, today we’ll discuss the most efficient steps to take as a car owner once the time for the moving comes. So, let’s see what you should do!

Opt to drive your car to your new home –  it is the best thing you could do with your car when relocating to Austin

There are many ways to get your car to your new Austin home. One of those ways is to simply drive it across the country. Nevertheless, when you know you will need to drive more than 1700 miles, it can make you change your mind. However, if you are passionate about road trips, moving from San Jose to Austin will be an excellent opportunity to enjoy your ride. Driving your car across the country is the most simple way to get your car to your new home. All you need to do is to prepare thoroughly for a long ride. Whether you will do it as a single or in the company of your family members, it can be an exciting journey that you will remember.

A car trip photo
Driving it is what you should do with your car when relocating to Austin.

If you decide to drive your car to your new home, you will skip a long search for other ways to transport your car. For sure this will leave you enough time to focus on all other moving tasks. After you determine the size and the date of your move, you should contact our moving company and consider what interstate moving services CA you will need. Then, you should take enough time to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming long ride. Also, don’t forget to plan your trip and prepare a budget for it. Below you will find things to keep in mind before driving your car to your new Texas home.

Prepare your car for a long ride and enjoy driving it to your new Austin home

Following things are crucial for planning and setting up your budget for driving a car across the country. So, here are the things you should consider

  • Don’t skip pre-trip vehicle checkups. Although this can cost you more up-front, according to our Mod Movers this can actually save your money and a lot of time. In addition, this is a way to prevent unpredictable situations like a broken car in an unfamiliar state.
  • Consider how much gas you will need for your journey. Firstly, check the distance from your old home to your new one in Austin. Secondly, make sure to calculate your car’s average highway gas mileage. In the end, check current gas prices in major cities along the way. Make sure to take enough money, since gas prices will widely vary from state to state.
  • Prepare food: snacks or larger meals. Have food in your cars since you will spend hours and hours until you get to your Austin home. Don’t rush and plan to stop every 3-4 hours for a meal or just a snack.
  • Consider finding lodging in advance. There is no doubt when you move across the county, make sure to book hotel rooms along your route.
A woman filling up the car with gasoline
Prepare your car for a long ride from CA to Austin.

Shipping is one more thing that you can do with your car when relocating to Austin

Even if you decide not to drive your car from the state of California to Texas, you can still be in charge of moving your car. An excellent option is to have a close friend or family member drive it for you. However, if you plan is to rent a moving truck to your new Austin home, consider the option to option to hitch your car to the truck. So, contact your moving company or truck providers and check if they allow you to do that. Some of them might even provide you with the tools and equipment to do this job as safely and securely as possible. Nevertheless, you need to be sure that you are confident enough to handle the reduced mobility this solution will bring you.

Don’t have enough time but still don’t want to sell your car? Consider hiring car shipping services. There are many companies that are ready to take care of your vehicle all way long from California to Texas. So, consider getting in touch with car shipping agents and make sure to do this on time. If you ask our local movers CA should consider shipping services for your vehicle, they will encourage you to do this. Also, they will remind you of steps that will simplify getting accurate estimates.

A person thinking about things to do with your car when relocating to Austin while looking at a cargo boat.
Shipping is inevitable when coming to Austin from another part of the world.

So, make sure to know the approximate weight of your car. Besides, write down the distance between the starting point and destination. Extra advice, ask your car insurance agent for all details you should know. Your agent will help you figure out whether your policy protects your car in transit. Remember, hiring shipping services is one of the best things to do to relocate your car to Austin.

Store or sell your car

One more excellent option is to place our cat in the storage facility. In case your move is just temporary, storing it will be all your need to do with your car when moving to Austin. In the end, selling your car can be ideal in certain situations. If you are planning to buy a new car soon anyway, this might be the perfect moment to sell your car. Whatever you decide, we wish you conduct your plans smoothly!

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