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What to expect when leaving California as a student

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You’ve decided to leave California, but did you look back, or are you doing it right now? As one of the most reliable Northern California movers, we would talk to you about this. We see that nowadays more and more people are leaving California. But have you ever wondered what you could expect in these other places? That’s why we’ll discuss what to expect when leaving California as a student. Especially in student years, this can be tough on you. So buckle up and let’s have one last view over California together.

What to expect when leaving for Texas from California

So first let’s see where you’re going. Most people and students are moving to Texas. One of the top reasons is good weather, sunny beaches, good nightlife, and low cost of living. Also, many people are moving from California to Texas after graduation. There are also plenty of job opportunities but there are some things that you’ll miss. One of the most common differences is that you’ll probably have the ideal weather. Even if Texas and Florida too, have similar weather it’s not as like back in California. First of all, in Texas, it can be like in Nevada, much hotter. On other hand in Florida, you’ll encounter a lot of humidity and king-size mosquitos. Also, watch out for alligators and other pesky predators.

Some people think that you might miss fresh products like fruit in vegetables in Texas and other states; so we would like to debunk this myth since nowadays you can find whole food and organic everywhere. Also, people in these states are pretty nice and friendly, and there are a lot of farmers over there.  Now if you need any help the best cross country movers California can offer are awaiting your command. So if you have any boxes full of memories it’s better if our packers, pack them for you; since you’ll probably miss “the good old days” as we all do from time to time. If you need any other moving services we’re at your disposal. Also if you opt for a DIY move, we can check out our blog section because there you can find a lot of free tips when it comes to moving, packing, etc.

A photo of a tow cacti in a desert;
Texas and California have one thing that you won’t miss in July and that’s the heat.

Arts and vibrant surroundings

As we’ve already mentioned California is famous for its arts and Hollywood. But unfortunately, you won’t find a lot of places like this. In California, there are a lot of art exhibitions and it’s in one world the world capital of culture. Okay, we admit Europe is the world capital but for North America and South America, this is the capital. Especially if you’re from Los Angles or San Francisco.  If you’re moving from California to Colorado you might find Matt Stone and Trey Parker but most of the time they’re in Los Angles.  Maybe New York can take your breath with its Broadway shows and fashion weeks but it just won’t feel the same. Especially when Fall and Winter come, the holiday season is the most depressing and nostalgic.

Now if we want to talk about vibrant cities, okay there is Miami and probably New York. But New York will give you a more European-American vibe not that Los Angeles-style vibe. On the other hand, there are a lot of places in Miami that might remind you of Los Angles. Also, you should check Tampa and Orlando. If you’re looking to move abroad think about moving to Vancouver since it has a similar vibrant vibe just like cities in California. You know like in the sounds of East coast vs West Coast, now these are some of the differences too. It’s like Frank Sinatra meets Etta James or for the younger generation, Christina Aguilera ft. Alicia Keys.

A museum full of paintings and people walking while thinking about leaving California as a student;
Exhibitions, artists, and galleries around every corner are things that you’ll miss a lot.

Small things you’ll miss when leaving California as a student

One of the smallest things that you’ll miss aren’t things; it’s people that you’ll miss the most. Other than just ordinary people you’ll miss the diversity which is highest in California than in any other st, ate. Also, you’ll miss the variety of different kitchens, but you can find similar places in other major cities. Furthermore, you’ll miss the diversity of the landscape so you can go skiing and swim in California in one day; that’s why they say in Texas folks ride bulls but in California, you ride waves. A lot of people will miss In-N-Out Burger since this is a pretty big California thing.

Now if you’re moving as a student and you want to bring something big let that be your favorite type of furniture that you have. If you don’t know how to properly disassemble and reassemble it, think about hiring some of the best furniture movers California. So in the end it doesn’t even matter, right? Well, it does at least to most people. If you damage or do not load it properly, unload it, carry it upstairs, fit it perfectly, pack it and wrap it properly, it can get damaged. Not just furniture but anything else that you’re packing. But if you want to try DIV go for it, in the end, it’s a personal preference.

A group of friends laughing;
One of the things that you might miss the most is hanging around with your friends.

A final thought on what to expect when leaving California as a student

We’ve reached the end of this article for today. So in the end, what’ll you miss and what can you expect when leaving California as a student? Well, a lot of things you’ll miss weather, beaches, people, food, smell, friends, celebrities, etc. that’s just to name a few. But most of all probably your things, home, good old days. But what can you expect? You can expect a lot of unique people and places that you’ll see. So set your sails and don’t forget that life is a wonderful adventure. Have a great day and a bright future!

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