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What to expect when moving from California to Texas after graduation

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Many young people decide to move after graduation and it is a big step for them. Even if you decide to move to another city, the moving process can be a daunting step on its own. But if you decide to move across that county, this might be scary for you. Texas is one of the most attractive states for young people that looking for a career opportunity after graduation. But if you are coming from California, there will be a lot to explore before you pack your bags. Today our California professional movers will help you prepare for moving from California to Texas after graduation. We will remind you of many things you can expect once you start living in some of the Texas cities. So, stay with us and prepare mentally for this huge change in front of you. Let’s see what you should know!

Things to know about living in Texas when moving from California to Texas after graduation

Both California and Texas are large states in the US. But there is a lot of differences in their expenses, (for instance medical expenses), and way of living. Year after year, many young people decide to move with the help of moving companies California to Texas. Several years ago, it become a trend to move to the Lone Star State and there are many reasons why. Texas offers affordable living costs, nice weather, plenty of job opportunities, and many more.

A concrete building in Texas
This is the second-largest country in the US.

Texas is a South Central American state and it is one of the fastest-growing states that welcomes newcomers. With a population of about 28.7 million people, Texas is home to many people all across the globe. After Alaska, it is the second-biggest state in the country. It has many well-known companies and offers a lot of job chances. Millions of people from all around the county decide to move to Texas for its bustling economy. The state has grown by over 14 percent in the last decade. Many successful Texans once called California home. But they did relocate with the help of interstate moving companies California. Now they live here and enjoy many benefits of living in the state of Texas.

Expect affordable housing after moving from California to Texas

Although Texas is not the cheapest state to buy a house, it is significantly cheaper than California. This might be the main reason for relocation from California to Texas after graduation. All you need is to find a job, an affordable home and you will save a lot in just a few years from now. According to statistics typical price of a home in the US is $263,350. And if you decide to buy a home in Texas you will save on average $40,000 since the typical value of a home in Texas is about $220,000.

Aerial view of residential area in TX
Expect more affordable housing costs in Texas.

Even if you don’t plan to buy a home soon, knowing this will motivate you. When it comes to renting costs, here you can expect to save about $500 per month. For young people, this means they can finally afford a more spacious apartment. Since rent is a lot cheaper in Texas compared to California, you will have fewer things to worry about when it comes to your finances. Once you move with the help of our experts for moving from San Jose to Austin, you will enjoy finding your new apartment. One more thing that will hear you up is cheaper electrics bills. You will save a lot since the per-kilowatt-hour price is only 12.01 cents in Texas.

Get ready for the booming job market when moving from California to Texas after graduation

Finding a job in Texas is a lot easier than when you are living in California. Texas is home to many famous companies such as CBRE, Oracle, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and even Tesla and Elon Musk. Many thriving companies from all across the state moving their offices to Texas. For all those who want to start their own companies, Texas offers affordable office space. It is not that easy to find cost-effective office space in many states unless you live in the Lone Star State.

This state has a friendly economy for both small and large businesses. For that reason, it is easier to find a job here than in California. It can be almost impossible to find a job in California right after you graduate. But after moving from California to Houston, you can count on many opportunities when it comes to finding a job for the young enthusiasts.

Lower taxes

Now when you have graduated from college, you are concerned about the high income taxes you will have to pay in California when you find a job. But if you move to Texas, you will not have to worry about that anymore. You will save money in the bank once you get hired in Texas. Here you can expect a zero percent state income tax rate and a lower state sales tax. This means you will keep much more of their hard-earned income than in California and other states. Once you move from California to Texas, you will realize you have more money to save, spend and invest. This is what attracts many young professionals, both at the start and in the middle of their careers.

A person thinking about lower taxes after moving from California to Texas after graduation.
You will not have to worry about taxes that much when moving from California to Texas after graduation.

Friendlier neighbors

Have you used to neighbors that you never got to meet? Don’t like walking by strangers in the supermarket while barely making eye contact and smiling? Your life will be changed when moving from California to Texas after graduation! Did you know that the Lone Star State is also known as a Friendly State? Your new neighbors will make you feel at home, whether you meet them or not yet. Small talks, friendly conversation, you will get used to it very soon. Almost all your neighbors will be happy to see you around, for that reason people love Texas. Also, after they find you have arrived, your neighbors will want to come and meet you. They will wish you a good look at finding a job here!

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