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What to learn about Portland before moving from California

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If you have decided to move from California to Portland, before you take the first step of your move, we advise you to “catch” as much information as possible about the place you are moving to. This moving belongs to the group of interstate moving processes, which means that you are moving to another country. This type of moving isn’t at all simple and requires about 750 miles, which means more than 11 hours of travel. But don’t worry about it as long as you have Mod Movers next to you. They will do their best to provide you with simple and smoothly moving. And what you have left is to learn about Portland before moving from California. And we will help you with that. Below you will be able to find everything you need to know before moving to Portland.


Portland is located in the US state of Oregon and is also its largest city. This city has a population of about 700,000 inhabitants. Portland is a city that makes very beautiful, interesting settlements that can offer you a good life but good fun. The streets are full of beautiful restaurants, and cafes, but the nightlife isn’t far behind. Caffee shops and beer pubs are one of the main local attractions in this city. But also, specialties from local restaurants don’t lag behind. This place is ideal for all hedonists.

Settlements, one of the things you need to learn about Portland before moving from California
Portland is a quiet and beautiful city, which can offer you a quality life in its beautiful safe settlements.

Oregon’s healthy and strong economy is felt in all cities of this state. So it’s in Portland. Business opportunities and very favorable living conditions attract a large number of immigrants. So, if you moving from California to Portland, consider that you have made the right decision. Because this city can offer you many opportunities, both for life and for business, education, and fun.

What do you need to learn about Portland before moving from California?

Moving doesn’t just mean packing a suitcase and moving. So, before you move, we want to ask you, where are you moving? Did you learn anything about your chosen city? Are you familiar with the way of life, the costs? If you haven’t asked yourself, or don’t have the answers to these questions, it’s time to learn something about the city you’re moving into. So, we will list everything you need to learn before moving.

  • Basic essential information about your chosen city
  • Lifestyle and cost of living
  • Taxes
  • Economics and business opportunities
  • Education and health care
  • Information on settlements
  • Fun facts
Girl in the local bar.
Portland can offer you various adventures in nature, but also enjoy the good taste of old local beer.

Life in Portland

Portland can be said to be a very quiet and safe city, ecologically clean, and one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Oregon. If you have decided to move to this city, Portland can offer you peaceful, safe, and beautiful settlements for you, your family, retirees, singles, students, or young professionals. So, you can conclude that Portland is an ideal place for all generations. And if you decide to move from California you can hire California interstate movers for your moving process. Another advantage of this city is that you don’t have to think about transport and traffic, because this city has the best bus and city-train systems in the US.

We can say that the cost of living in this city is a little above average, but given the healthy and strong economy of the state of Oregon, the cost of living in this city is very favorable compared to California. We will single out the basic costs of living and their prices:

  • Rent: $ 1,500 to $ 2,500
  • Energy bill: $ 130.77
  • Loaf of bread: $ 3.84
  • Doctor’s visit: $ 118.57
  • $ 2.78 for a gallon of gas
  • Food: $ 80 to $ 100 per week

Does Portland offer more opportunities than California?

It’s very difficult to compare Portland and California. Because both countries are very developed, and each is special in its own way. California can be said to be a more popular state, but expensive to live on. While Portland is a more beautiful, cleaner, and more peaceful environment that can offer you a high quality of life with endless business opportunities. But when we compare the fun in these two countries, we can say that California leads 1: 0 in that matter. One of the main differences between the two countries is that Portland doesn’t have a Sales Tax. While in other countries the sales tax is 7-8%.

A girl standing on a terrace looking out on downtown Portland.
One of the first things you need to learn about Portland before moving from California is that you can feel free.

Learn about Portland settlements before moving

Portland is one of the safest cities, with a very low crime rate in Oregon, and perhaps beyond. The settlements of this city are mostly safe, without incidents, burglaries, thefts, etc. The three safest settlements in Portland are Northwest, West Union, and Britany / Rockcreek. If you decide to have one of these settlements as your home, you can hire one of the best moving companies California to Oregon for your move from California to Portland. For interstate moving professional help is needed. And that is why we advise you to leave all the work to professionals.

This fast-growing city has several different neighborhoods and suburbs. The best of them are Pearl District, Centennial, Lents, and in Portland metro area are located Happy Walley, Wilsonville, and Hazelwood. 

The fun side of life in Portland

One of the most interesting things you need to learn about Portland before moving from California is that this city can offer you many interesting things to do. If you are a fan of sports and healthy living, you can spend your free time recreating playing basketball or exploring the outdoor of Portland. If you decide to explore the fun places you can visit are Mt. Hood and Forest Park. For travel lovers and for the foodie Portland can be a very fun place. Near Portland, at a distance of 20 minutes to an hour, there are several very beautiful and interesting places where you can organize excursions and enjoy nature. And after that, you can treat yourself to very well-known restaurants, patisseries or relax by enjoying the taste of local beer. You can find places like this on every corner.

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