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What to pack first and what last when moving to another state

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So you’ve decided to move to another state but you have some questions about the technicalities. That’s why we as one of the best northern California movers have decided to help you. Today we’ll answer what to pack first and what to last when moving to another state. So let’s buckle up and start packing the truck.

What to pack first when moving to another state

These things are logical so we’ll provide you with a brief explanation. First of all the simple answer is non-essentials should be packed first; yes, but what are they? These will be some things that you should decide if you would like to carry them at all; you should do this during the decluttering phase. During the decluttering phase, you should use some of the most famous techniques like the 1-year rule (if you haven’t used an item for over a year throw it away); the $20 rule (if the item is too cheap and you don’t have any memories related to it throw it away); and the most famous categorization method – it’s when you separate your items into categories such as trash, recycle, store, sell and donate. You can add or remove any of these categories depending on your personal preference.

A single gold framed painting hanging on a wall;
You should pack art first.

If you need packing services or if you just want more free tips, you can visit our blog section. Some of the things that you could pack first are:

  • Books, magazines, newspapers, albums, etc.
  • Decoration items like paintings, artwork (of any kids), vases, pots, sculptures, busts, etc.
  • Clothes that you won’t use in that season, now since it’s winter you’ll probably pack summer clothes
  • Holiday decorations – since it’s winter now you’ll pack Easter decorations first
  • Electronic items that you haven’t used in a while

If you have too many old things re-think your decluttering list or method. Also if you have an expensive wine collection think about hiring professionals.

What to pack last when moving to another state

So it’s almost moving day and you’ve packed the rest of things. Now you’re just stuck with what to pack last. As California interstate movers we would advise you to pack only essentials for the moving day (keep them with you) and some kitchen and bathroom supplies will be last for the truck. Essential tips will vary depending on rather if you’re male, female, other, etc. From our own experience, most people take with their soap, shampoo, toothbrush, deodorant, perfume, an extra pair of socks, underwater, etc. So some things for daily routine and hygiene. If you’re with kids it’ll be a bit more complex, since you’ll need to take diapers, powder, milk, a pacifier, extra pair of clothes (underwear included), etc.

A bucket full of cleaning supplies;
Some movers won’t take open house supplies since they can explode or they can catch fire.

If you’re moving a company or have an office (remote worker) set up in your home, you’ll probably go to pack that last. Most people will be working the day before they move, at least most of them do. If you need any Monterey moving services this team specializes in packing and office moving as well as any other type of move. We’ve mentioned dishes and kitchen utensils, so if you’re too upset about it maybe you can do it the night before, but that day you’ll have to eat outside or order something. When it comes to babies and kids use lunch boxes from school if you want to prep them for a healthy meal. Finally cleaning supplies after you’re done with cleaning and washing in the morning, it’s time to move!

Hiring professional movers vs DIY move

Cross-country moving can be quite exhausting and difficult; moving one block away can be exhausting if you don’t know how to organize your time and pack properly. There are a lot of apps and planners that can help you with this. But if you want to DIY the whole move, we’ve got some great tips and tricks for you. On the other hand, if it’s too difficult or you’re unorganized consider taking a free estimate. In addition, if you want a DIY move, you’ll have to pack, unpack, and wrap;  most importantly you’ll be responsible if something is broken during the move. Now one thing is most certain and that is the cost, but now since it’s Winter the prices are lower, and also during Fall.

Now if you opt for professional movers they’ll pack all of your things in no time. They’ll disassemble and reassemble your kitchen, tables, chairs, and anything else if needed. If you want to do this, you’ll have to take photos, and videos, buy tools if you don’t have them, etc. Furthermore, professional movers possess knowledge, tools, and skills. They also have proper training and their goal is to move and pack in you in as less time as possible without making any damage. For example, an average professional moving team can pack a whole four-room-bedroom house in less than three hours; and they can unload and load a truck in less than 90 minutes. So pick your destiny and let’s move!

A man surrounded with boxes while thinking about what to pack first and what last when moving to another state;
Pro movers will do all the packing for you.

The conclusion

First of all, we would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you found it useful. Now let’s wrap up what to pack first and what last when moving to another state. First of all, start packing things that you’ll mostly not use at all or you won’t use recently. These mostly include art, decorations, seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, etc. Things that you’ll want to pack last are kitchen utensils, office supplies, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. For moving day you’ll need extra pair of clothes, a toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, deodorant, etc. So that would be it for today. We hope that this helped you have a nice day and stress-free packing and moving.

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