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What to photograph when moving house?

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When it comes to moving, there is no such thing as too much planning. When you look for the best movers in California, you can find a dozen of tips and tricks on preparing for the move. But one of the most overlooked, but mostly helpful tips is taking pictures. Photographing before, during, and after the move can be very beneficial. Therefore, make sure you know what to photograph when moving house before starting your planning.

Importance of photographs when moving house

The simple truth is that photographing when relocating can help you in a lot of ways. Firstly, it can help you save your money and time, protect your belongings, and more importantly – spare you of additional stress.

A beige vintage writing desk with drawers.
Photos of valuable items can come in handy if there is any damage done to them during transfer.

With this in mind, photographing random household items won’t work. You’ll need to plan:

  1. What are important things to photograph when moving house?
  2. Why are you photographing those items?
  3. How does it fit into your moving plans?

What to photograph when moving house

Photos of your valuable positions

Even though you have selected the top-rated moving companies Morgan Hill CA, accidents on a moving day can happen. So, no matter how experienced your hired movers are, it’s better if you are prepared. Your valuable items can still get damaged while being moved by a professional moving company. Take plenty of photographs, including close-up images, of everything valuable to you before the move. You should do this before letting movers handle those items. For example, those can be antique furniture pieces, electric appliances, electronic devices, and other pricey household items.

This way, if you do find any of your valuables damaged after the move is complete, then those photos could serve as proof. That is, they can be proof that that damage happened while the items were in transit, while in movers possession. Once you can prove that, you could be eligible for proper reimbursement by the moving company.

Take close photographs of any existing damage

This may sound a little unusual, but it’s helpful nevertheless. The advice is to photograph any pre-existing damage when moving house. Take your phone and document anything – from scratches on furniture pieces to cracks in the frame of your bathroom mirror. With this in mind, always check for quality packing supplies for those delicate items.

A close up of a sitting are of a chair with blue background.
Take close-up photos of any existing damage.

After the move is done, you may find more or worse scratches, dents, or cracks on your items. And if that happens, then the movers can’t just say that the damage was already there before they took over. You will have visual evidence (the photos) that they are wrong.

Photograph your current home when moving house

If you’re a renter and you’re getting ready to relocate, here is one thing you should never forget. Take many photos of your rented apartment before you move out. Firstly, clean thoroughly your current home. Next, try to repair any damage you may have caused during your stay there. For instance, fill in any nail holes in the walls, fix any damage to the floors, fix windows and blinds, and so on. Finally, when you are sure that you’re leaving the property in good condition, photograph the place.

This is important because your landlord may try to keep your security deposit. He can blame you for any damage, or even charge you with cleaning fees. That’s where those photos will come in as handy. They will serve as proof that you did your part of the bargain.

Take pictures when moving into your new place

It’s important to have proof of the way the property condition when moving out. However, photographing the condition of the house you’re moving into may prove to be even more crucial. Because it can help you avoid potential problems with your landlord later on. When moving into the new property, don’t forget to photograph the entire place before you bring in any belongings. Take detailed photos of any damage that you find as evidence that it wasn’t you who caused it. This precaution will be your proof that you’re not responsible for any damage that was already there. This way, you should be able to get your security deposit back when you move in the future.

Photograph the way your electronics are wired up when moving house

This is another way photographing can save you from possible issues. Take a photo of the way your electronic devices are wired up. Photograph the back of your TV, desktop computer, stereo, or any other electronic device that has cables and wires coming in and out of it. Just take several pictures from different angles, making sure they are clear. Afterward, disconnect the cables so you can pack the device in question. Make sure to check out packing services near you for professional handling or packing tips. When you have a nice visual reference, it’ll be much easier for you to re-connect everything properly. Without any pictures to guide you, you may lose a lot of time setting up your electronics. Or even worse, you may wire them incorrectly and damage them.

A mans hand plunging in a cable into a computer.
It is very useful to photograph the wiring of electronic devices when moving house.

Photograph your utility meters before and after moving

Your utility meters are for sure one of the most important things to photograph when moving. The photos of the electricity, gas, and water meters before you leave your old home and right after you arrive in the new place. It’s simple: just take clear pictures of the readings of each utility meter to avoid being charged unfairly.

Utility companies can charge their clients on usage estimates. This means that if their baseline reading is incorrect, then your estimated utility usage will be off too. Moreover, it’s common to have lags or overlaps between customer accounts. Therefore just take the photos to save possible problems in the future.

An important tip for the photographs when moving house

Always datestamp your photos! This way, you will be able to counter false claims by proving the date when photographs were taken. Turn on the date stamp function on your smartphone camera. However, if that’s not possible, e-mail those photos to yourself.

Lastly, keep the photographs when moving house on the memory card, right between other photos you took around that time. This way you will be able to counter “smart” suggestions that you may have changed the time/date setting on before taking the pictures in question. It is also always a good idea to check the moving company before hiring them to avoid any scams.

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