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What to wear when moving – moving day outfit

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There are some things you will need to realize what you are choosing your moving day outfit. For starters, you will need to make sure that you can comfortably work in your clothing. That way, you will avoid some potential injuries that can happen. On top of all that, you will feel much more comfortable with good work boots than in slippers. So, you should make sure that you organize your moving-day clothing properly. Moreover, you will have to wear clothing according to the type of relocation as well. Your geographical location also plays an important role in this. You cannot simply relocate in shorts to Alaska. That would not be the best decision. However, this topic is actually bigger than most people believe it to be. Here is in what ways.

How to choose your moving day outfit?

You will need to choose your moving day outfit really well. The choice of your clothing during your move might dictate how well your relocation is going to go. There are also some things you should AVOID at all costs when it comes to outfits. However, we will talk more about that later. For now, you should focus on why this is important and how to choose your clothes properly. For starters, you cannot move a pool table safely if you do wear flip-flops, for example. If you trip or fall, the pool table will fall as well. Now, you can seriously injure yourself and you will regret not having good boots for your move.

Old boots
Strong boots will help you out a lot

Thus, you should focus on what to wear exactly for your move. It is really important to keep all your body parts covered. You should try to cover as much skin as you can. You will be carrying wooden objects and if the wood is not processed thoroughly you might get splinters and so on. Moreover, if something falls and hits you, a part of the impact will be absorbed by the clothing you are wearing. So, if you drop something on your leg, for example, and you are wearing shorts, you can hurt yourself more than you would if you wore jeans or work pants. Think about this before your move. After all, the goal is to relocate safely. All moving companies in California will tell you the same thing.

What gear will you need exactly?

When it comes to the exact type of moving day gear you should choose, you have several options. For starters, you should start by getting something you are feeling comfortable in. In other words, you should not wear anything that will restrict your movement in any way. So, putting on several outfits all at once for protection will not work out. You will lose your coordination and you might end up making a big mistake. Instead, you should focus on the proper outfits for your relocation. By this, we mean that you should get something you can work in without any issues. Usually, work gear provides basic protection as well so you should be fine.

Work gloves
Having gloves is also a must

You should by no means get baggy clothing as well. While it might offer significantly more protection than regular work clothes, it is not a good idea. Baggy clothes will have more material to imbibe the impact. However, baggy clothes can also get stuck on something without you realizing it. This can cause you to trip and fall and drop whatever you are carrying. Moreover, it can cause serious injuries as well. So, you should avoid baggy clothing when you are moving. Get some really good work outfits instead. Believe us, you will end up needing high-quality clothes for your relocation.

Things to think about when you are choosing your moving day outfit

There will also be some things you will need to think about when you are choosing your clothing for your moving day. We have mentioned that some clothing should never get into consideration. For starters, clothing that reveals skin should be avoided. Wearing T-shirts can be fine, but not recommended. However, wearing shorts or flip-flops is something no one will ever recommend you to do on your moving day. You can get injured or hospitalized even due to making a slight mistake. This is something you would definitely want to avoid. In any case, here is what you SHOULD have on your moving day:

  • Work gloves
  • Work boots
  • Good work pants (jeans are also fine)
  • Good work top (T-shirt can be fine, but we recommend something more)
  • Safety goggles (in some cases you might need them).
A man in camo-pants relocating
Camo-pants are a good idea as well

When professional movers come to relocate your belongings they have work outfits. Such outfits are designed specifically for moving and relocation. There is a good reason why most movers look the same all the time – they wear clothes fit for relocating a home. So, you should get such clothing as well. Feel free to contact some of the finest commercial movers California offers and to ask them more about this one. Chances are that they can help you a lot.

Is there more to this?

When it comes to being safe during your move your clothes play a really important part of it. So, you should make sure that you do whatever you can to get proper and adequate equipment. Fortunately, chances are that you have all of that at home already. Simply choose some old clothing you do not use a lot and wear it on your moving day. Moreover, you can also make sure that you look up how work clothing should look like. If you have not done a lot of manual labor by now, you might need to do just that.

Overall, you should pick your moving day outfit based on your relocation needs. If you need to carry something that can hurt your fingers, never do it without gloves. If you are carrying heavy items, make sure you wear good and strong boots as well. Whatever you do, never relocate in baggy clothes! Hope our guide will help you out!

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