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Where to donate unwanted items after moving in Monterey

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Once you move to Monterey, you may discover that you have things that you don’t need. So, where to donate unwanted items after moving in Monterey?  We can give you several ideas. There are many charity organizations in there. And, they will be very happy to receive your call. The good thing is that they have their own transportation. So, you will not have to cover any transport costs. And you will free your hew home from junk. Also, you can contact hauling services Monterey CA. Their highly trained staff will help you with unpacking and junk removal. This way, you will speed up the unpacking process. And your home will stay clean and nice.

What of your unwanted items you can donate to charities after moving in Monterey?

Basically, charity organizations are always in need of various items. They will take:

  • Household goods (furniture and appliances)
  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Books, toys & games
  • Electronics
  • Sporting goods
  • Art & antiques
Donate unwanted items after moving in Monterey – a Monterey town panorama with see, land and houses.
There are many charity organizations in Monterey.

What items you want to donate is entirely up to you. However, you should not offer torn items. Or the spoiled food. Also, all appliances should be operational. If the items you want to get rid of are not in good condition, you have to find other ways to get rid of them. Having this said, recycling is one of the good options. That way, you will help preserve the environment. And with a planet in such a condition, every effort to help preserve nature is good.

What can you do with the unwanted leftovers supplies after moving in Monterey?

After unpacking, you are usually left with a lot of packing supplies. If they are in good condition and you don’t intend to move soon, donate them. You can ask neighbors if they know someone moving soon. Or you can post your offer to some of the internet platforms. If you have torn or destroyed leftovers, contact moving companies Monterey. They can either haul away your leftovers. Or they can give you directions to help you find the recycling centers.

What to do with items you moved, but they are not matching your new place in Monterey?

Basically, you can do the same as with leftover packing materials. There are many charity organizations in Monterey. So, you will easily find some of them. However, charity organizations are rarely taking heavy and bulky things. So, such items you can sell. If you want, you can donate the money earned by the sale. There are many people in need, and every donation is welcome.

Talking to neighbors, you can find out that they are searching for a similar thing. So, you can also offer bulky peace to them. It is up to you if you will give it for free.

Monterey Bay Aquarium.
You can always help the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Besides charity organizations, you can also help Monterey Bay Aquarium by donating unwanted items

You can always help the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Their main goal is to inspire people to protect the ocean. So, whatever donation you give, will be used for good purposes. We are all aware of how endangered the oceans are. The treats to the environment are maybe even bigger than we can imagine. The fact is that the climate is changing. And that the oceans are worming. They are absorbing about 93% of the greenhouse emission. So, donating to Monterey Bay Aquarium will directly help attempt to preserve ocean life.

Maybe you will decide to sell some of your bulky items, to collect money for donation. You can always arrange with California interstate movers to transport such items to the buyers.

“My Museum” is one of the Monterey organizations that will be happy to get your donation

“My Museum” is an organization dedicated to developing creativity. They are one of the non-profit organizations in your new town. And they are helping both children and adults of Monterey. “My Museum” depends on membership, organizing exhibits, and birthday parties. And on donations. So, this is one more way to donate unwanted items after moving in Monterey. And, to help families in the community, they are inviting goodwill people to support their work. The things they most need are materials:

  • Ribbon and yarn
  • Construction paper
  • Toilet and paper towel rolls
  • Wine corks
  • Stickers
  • Faux flowers
  • Bottle caps (without beverage residue)
  • School and office supplies

All the above items the kids will use to make some DIY project, By that, they are developing their creativity. Also, whatever donation you make, you will get a receipt. By ITS regulations, such donations are subject to tax deduction.

The Covid 19 pandemic also affected donations and recycling of unwanted things in Monterey

During the Pandemic, many charities organization were forced to close their doors. Or to decrease the number of their operations. During the pandemic outbreak, Monterey City Disposal and Waste Management have also suspended some activities. They stopped for some time to receive the bulky items. But they continued to work through the hard period, like many other charity organizations. From the other side, some of them had to close their doors. As the situation slowly normalizes, so does the work of these organizations.


A poster with many raised hands and the inscription Volunteers needed.
Volunteers are always needed in Monterey.

Donating unwanted items after moving in Monterey, you may also wish to become a volunteer

It is not uncommon that people, after seeing the work of non-profit organizations, decide to join them. If you are one of those, you will easily find a place where you can help. Here is a list of non-profit organizations in Monterey. And you can see that there are so many of them. And they always need an extra hand. Regardless of how much time you can spare, they will warmly welcome you. And as a volunteer, you can help in many ways. You can volunteer in one of the centers. Or you can volunteer virtually by:

  • Provide emotional support
  • Do translations
  • Perform online data entry for an organization
  • By doing copywriting, blogging, or editing for an organization website
  • Do the advocacy work
  • Provide education and tutorials, etc.

So, the ways to help the citizens in need are many. And with so many active organizations in Monterey, you can help a lot to your new community.

While donating the unwanted items, you have learned a lot about life in Monterey

Trying to find how and where to donate unwanted items after moving in Monterey, you learned many new things. Also, you get to know your new town much better. So, it also gave you excellent chances to meet many new people. And you found a way to join the Monterey community quickly. You also got to know better the work of your moving company. And you learned that, among other things, they are performing disposal of leftovers.

Besides meeting many people and getting acquainted with them, you learned about Monterey’s attempts to help its citizens. And to save the town and its vicinity from pollution. So, all this shows that you have moved into one nice town.

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