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Where to move from California in 2022

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California has a lot of benefits, but also cons. People that lived here long enough can tell you more about it. However, what to do when it’s time to relocate somewhere else? And where to move from California? It’s important that you have some fresh info always available and the assistance of Mod movers when it comes to the process of the relocation itself. Let’s take a look at some important details and where the people from California have been moving in 2022.

Where to move from California? Oregon is one of the states to pick

As one of the states that many choose, Oregon is a great pick for you. California is a big state and many people think of it as one that attracts a lot of people to it. Oregon will offer you a more peaceful alternative. On top of that, moving from California to Oregon can be a great pick if you’re moving with a family. It has solid opportunities when it comes to jobs and education. Besides that, the number one reason for this relocation might be financial. California is one of the most expensive states, while Oregon isn’t the cheapest, it’s still much cheaper than California.

The beautiful nature of Oregon
Oregon is both beautiful and peaceful

Texas comes with a lot of benefits that  you’ll enjoy after relocating

One of the places that many people moved to even before 2022. is Texas. That’s because it is the exact opposite of what California is. In Texas, you will get a much better sense of a connected community. Even in the bigger cities of Texas, you will have a warmer welcome. For example, after moving from San Jose to Austin you will see how different people are in California and Texas. However, this is not the only benefit. Texas and several cities in it have had a huge boom in the last few years. You can find some great jobs, but also affordable housing. On top of that, the overall cost of living is lower and you won’t have to deal with the state income tax.

Washington is one of the places where to move from California

Don’t want to move far away from California but want to have a different feel to your new home? Then Washington might be a good solution for you. When it comes to the climate, it will be much milder, and you won’t have to see sunshine every day of the year. Besides that, you can expect a lot of benefits after the interstate moving companies in California assist you with your relocation. The natural beauty of the state of Washington is just a part of what you can expect. It’s a very healthy and family-friendly place so it’s not a surprise that it found its place on our list.

If you want to have a place you’ll enjoy living in, pick the state of Nevada

Just beyond state lines, there’s the place for entertainment, Nevada. It’s one of the states that many Californians move to as it resembles California, and it isn’t as populated and sought after. Besides that, it will offer you a plethora of job opportunities in a variety of industries. The climate is very similar as it’s usually very hot during the whole year in Nevada. The sense of community is huge in certain parts. When it comes to Nevada, younger people usually focus on bigger cities like Las Vegas, while people with families relocate to smaller communities when moving from California.

Welcome sign to the state of Nevada
Where to move from California? Nevada is one of those places to relocate to

Colorado is among the best places where to move from California

Do you feel like you’ve seen it all when it comes to the sunny beaches of California? Then it’s maybe time for some mountains. Colorado is the right state for you as it offers you both all four seasons, and all the opportunities that you need to have a quality lifestyle. Especially if you take into consideration the bigger cities like Colorado, you will be able to choose from many places that have everything that is necessary for a happy life. If the question is where to move from California, Colorado needs to be one of the answers as it truly offers a lot of benefits.

Florida is in many ways similar to California

Where to move from California? If you want to change the west for the east coast, Florida might be just the place for you. On top of that, it is one of the rare states that can parry California with the appeal when it comes to the beaches and other entertainment options. Besides that, there are several cities in the state of Florida that can provide you with all the necessary benefits from job opportunities to family-friendly surroundings. In Florida, there’s a lot to enjoy and you won’t make a mistake by picking it as your new home.

By living  in Utah you will have a peaceful place to live in

Utah is a state that is very peaceful and has a strong sense of community. Besides that, it has a lot of people from California moving to it as it’s a perfect place for you to raise a family. On top of that, its educational system is perfect, and whether you’re a student or have kids, you will have some great options. There are many important companies with their headquarters in Utah. There are many reasons why the answer to where to move from California is Utah. Check it out on your own and find out if it fits your needs the best.

A sign that welcomes you to Utah
Utah is always a good place to relocate to

There are many things that you need to have in mind when it’s time to move. For that reason, it’s important that you take care of it in the best way possible. Leaving California behind is not easy. However, when you know where to move from California and why, the whole process is going to be easier. Look at our list and find out just what state fits you the best. Depending on what you need and where you think you’ll feel better, it will be easy to make a final choice. In the end, we’re sure you’ll be more than happy with the options and destination you’ve chosen.

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