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Who is leaving California and why?

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California is one of the most beautiful states to live in. There are amazing beaches and the weather is usually great. It is famous for its diversity and various costs of living. In addition to that, there are a lot of public and private schools, universities, and colleges, which is important for people living with family. However, more and more people are leaving California every year. This number has been rapidly growing since last year. They contact California professional movers, pack their belongings, and just leave the state. The research shows that, since 2010, 7.5 million individuals have relocated from California to other states, compared to just 5.8 million who came from other states to California. This may come as a surprise. If you keep reading, you will find out who is leaving California and why.

Let’s explain who is leaving California and why

There are no rules such as age, ethnicity, or relationship status when it comes to groups of people who are leaving California. Usually, the people who move hire long distance movers California and relocate to another state are those who have no job or don’t belong to the group of the wealthiest residents in California. It is definitely one of the most expensive states to live in. For that reason, those who don’t have high salaries can’t afford to stay there and they decide to move to another state. This is especially the case for people who have a family. That is who is leaving California and why. Also, business owners, not just the richest ones, but also the small business owners leave California. High taxes are the main reason. There are a few crucial reasons for which they decide to leave California:

  • Taxes;
  • Housing costs;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Political, social and economic problems.
LA in California
Keep reading to find out who is leaving California and why

High taxes in California

Apart from the states where there are no taxes, most of the states in U. S. have high taxes, usually around 7%. However, California is one of the very few that has tax rates higher than 10%. Legislators propose to increase the top marginal income tax rate from 13.3 percent to about 17 percent. Rich Californians would not be the only ones impacted by the decision, but also many small company owners who are also struggling. It is no wonder that cross country movers California have had a lot of job recently. Things may even become worse. There is the possibility that people who relocate their company to another state, still have to pay the taxes to California.

Housing costs in California

People who have average salary hardly can afford the housing costs in California. The cost index in 2022 is 142.2, which makes California the third most expensive state in the US. Less affordable are only New Your and Hawaii. Housing costs are 113.7, which is more than the national average. The median house price in the first half of 2022 was $797,470. Less than 1/4 of people in CA can afford to pay these costs, so they move to more affordable states.

Natural disasters in California

It is not a secret that climate changes affect the world as we know it. Unfortunately, California is one of the most affected areas. The temperature and season changes have a lot of impact on weather in California. There is no more rain as it used to be, so there are more wildfires every year. In addition to that, droughts are very common in the recent years, while floods used to be a usual before. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are brought on by the ring of fire in CA. In summary, California’s agriculture, tourism, and sea level rise have all been impacted by climate change. In situations like these, relocation alone seems to be the sensible course of action.

Political, social and economic problems in CA

The policies of California are enthusiastically backed by many citizens. The state, in the opinion of many conservative and even moderate people, is shifting too far to the left. Others claim that they don’t think their vote matters in California, and still others argue that politicians only take into account the concerns of those living in major cities rather than those of people living in rural areas.

Coworkers talking
High taxes make business owners leave CA

In addition to that, one of the social problems is the fact that California has more than 150,000 homeless individuals. No other state has that many. Some of them have drug addictions or mental illnesses. They roam the streets, doing unappropriate things. They expose themselves in public places where kids can see them. Former inhabitants observe that homeless people may be seen everywhere throughout the city, including in affluent residential neighborhoods. Others lament the increase in homeless camps in state-wide suburban regions. Many ex-residents of the state believe that the state’s administration is either failing to address the issue or perhaps making it worse.

Where do people from California usually move to?

One of the most popular destinations for those who decide to move out from California is Oregon. One of the reasons is the fact that Oregon has fantastic nature which climate changes haven’t destroyed as much as in CA. In addition to that, house costs aren’t as high as in California, though they are also pretty high. Nevertheless, it is still more affordable to live in Oregon than in California. If these aren’t reasons enough to hire moving companies California to Oregon, keep in mind that are no sales taxes. And, political situation is much better.

A couple carrying boxes
Those who don’t have high salaries have difficulties living in CA

Another state people from California choose is Colorado. Actually, moving from San Francisco to Denver is pretty common. Denver is also a city where the nature is dominant and CA expats enjoy living there. Also, if you live in Denver, you can easily travel anywhere.

Don’t forget that living in CA has its advantages

We have seen who is leaving California and why, and all those reasons are valid. However, we shouldn’t forget that there are also cons of living in California. Despite its flaws, it is one of the most beautiful and most diverse states. Before you decide to leave to another state, consider all of your options well.

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