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Why move to Los Altos with family?

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As people search for new opportunities, they often consider moving to a new location. However, as families grow, deciding where to relocate becomes much more demanding and complex. It’s natural to require more compelling reasons to relocate since you have to take into account the well-being of your family, not just yourself. For this reason, we have compiled some reasons why people choose to move to Los Altos with family. Perhaps some of these reasons will inspire you to contact Los Altos movers and explore this wonderful location further.

Welcome to Los Altos

A long time ago while Los Altos was still a middle-class town in one quite normal garage a dream was born. And from that garage, it spread all over the world. Even after Steve Jobs made his dream a reality and decided that Cupertino will be the Apple Incs headquarters, he still calls Los Altos the birthplace of Apple! CA movers from all parts of the state notice the love and respect people here have for each other.

A street in Los Altos
The beauty of Los Altos is easy to see, for anyone that ventures down the city streets.

In general Los Altos is a beautiful and quite nice place to live, especially so for families. Offering a wide range of parks and nature. Located in Santa Clara County, it is in the heart of the “Silicon valley“. Over the years the city has seen a significant rise in new residents, which in return helped the resident number reach 30588. As far as how things are looking right now, we can optimistically say that Los Altos has a bright future ahead.

Accommodation in Los Altos

One of the biggest problems people have in Los Altos is finding accommodation. In general, the state of California can be quite expensive when it comes to finding a home. Especially when it comes to big cities. The perfect example of this is Los Angeles. With millions of residents and a huge real estate market, it is one of the most expensive areas to live in the whole state. Los Altos on the other hand is not as expensive as you may think.

Although it’s far from a frugal person’s dream, being the heart of Silicon Valley means Los Altos is a prime location for many job opportunities. As a result that it is also one of the more sought-after areas. But with its currently limited accommodations, its prices are naturally high. How high? Let us give a more precise insight! This is probably something everyone should see before looking for the best commercial movers California has to offer.

A man placing a sign in front of a home. Move to Los Altos with family and find a home for yourself
To move to Los Altos with family you first need to find the perfect home!

The average home price in Los Altos:

  • Studio / 1 bedroom – $1.55M
  • 2 Bedrooms – $2.18M
  • 3 Bedrooms – $2.52M
  • 4 Bedrooms – $3.04M

When it comes to renting, the average rent in Los Altos is:

  • Studio / 1 bedroom – $2,990
  • 2 Bedrooms – $3,697
  • 3 Bedrooms – $5,950
  • 4 Bedrooms – $6,600

The low poverty rate and good job opportunities

One of the main reasons why families move is for better jobs. Everyone needs money to raise their kids. And more money means more opportunities, better schools, and so on. So it is only natural that many people decide to move to Los Altos with family. Here there are many different job opportunities in many fields! The position of Los Altos also gives people the opportunity of commuting to work, thus making their job market even wider and richer! Of course, it is only natural that people are attracted to that. Also, taking into consideration the low poverty rate it becomes an even better place to live. To some people, this may even sound shocking as some CA cities are known for their big unemployment numbers and homeless residents.

A job interview in Los Altos
It is a lot easier to find a job here than you might think! As there are many different opportunities presented!


How can we speak about a city located in one of the most well-known technology areas and not mention the education in it? One of the main reasons why families decide to come here is to offer their kids the best education possible. And even though there are no world-renowned colleges located here, at the same time the education provided to your kids will be spectacular! With a total of 17 schools from which you can choose, your kid will be placed in the hands of some of the best professors and teachers in the whole area! And they will, without a doubt, do their best to help your kid accomplish new heights.


One of the mistakes many people make when moving is they forget to check the local safety! When it comes to people that move to Los Altos with family, this is something they definitely must check. And we are happy to tell you they will not be disappointed. While you look for the local storage services CA movers provide, we guarantee you will be surprised by the safety of the city. The crime rate is extremely low. Especially when taking into consideration the size of the city. The local police force is quite visible and always ready to help with anything you might need. The lack of nightlife is also partly the reason this area is so peaceful and calm. Believe it or not, there are only around 4 clubs in the whole city! But of course, if you wish to party there are cities close by that will offer you exactly that!

Final words on why you should move to Los Altos with family

In conclusion, it’s great to move to Los Altos with family for a variety of reasons. With excellent schools, a safe and welcoming community, natural beauty, and a high standard of living, it offers a combination of factors that make it an attractive place for families to call home. Whether you’re looking for top-notch education for your children, a vibrant community with plenty of amenities, or access to outdoor recreation and natural beauty, Los Altos has something to offer everyone in the family.

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