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Why people are leaving LA for Austin

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These days, many decide to move out of Los Angeles and settle in Austin. We’re here to investigate why people are leaving LA for Austin seeing how this shift has already become a popular choice. The reasons why people are leaving LA and moving to Austin are many. Among these are affordable cost of living, a strong job market, and a more laid-back way of life. Furthermore, people flock to Austin for its rich cultural life and natural surroundings. Let’s venture into these reasons that are compelling people to shift from Los Angeles’s busy streets to the warm setting of Austin in further detail.

One of the reasons is certainly affordability

Looking at the issue of housing affordability, Austin, despite being an unideal city, significantly outperforms Los Angeles. The median home price in Austin was approximately $630k in 2023. This figure stood at around 1.2 million dollars in LA. With such a stark contrast in the cost of home ownership, Austin is certainly a more appealing choice for homebuyers. This affordability creates an opportunity for you and your family to own a house without the high cost associated with Los Angeles.

Real estate agent doing calculations
Feel free to do some calculations and check how much money you will get to save

In addition, lower housing costs in Austin permit people to allocate financial resources towards other areas of life. This results in more convenience and economic sustainability. It is no surprise that many choose Austin as their new hometown because of the same promise of being a homeowner without having to deal with LA’s s sky-high real estate prices. So, once you find a new home, CA movers are going to be there to help you relocate.

Taxes are another reason why people are leaving LA for Austin

It is also true that there are large tax benefits in Austin, which has become a major attraction for people to move here. Some of the unique benefits include no state income tax in Texas. It means that residents are able to save themselves from this financial burden. On the other hand, California levies one of the highest state income tax rates in America with a maximum marginal rate which is set at 12.3%. This difference in the tax policies leaves significant savings for people residing within Austin. Without state income tax, people have access to a larger portion of their deserved earnings. This favorable tax system not only relieves the financial pressure but also supports a better living standard. So, start planning moving from California to Austin and enjoy these benefits.

You are going to have many employment opportunities

The job market in Austin is flourishing, especially for technology. Tech giants such as Google, Apple, and Tesla have not only left their footprints in the city but at the same time created hundreds of jobs. This technological explosion has made Austin into a ‘tech Mecca’. In 2023, Austin’s unemployment rate had hit just about the level of 2,9% which was far lower than that of LA.

Employer and employee shaking hands
One of the reasons why people are leaving LA for Austin are great job opportunities

This gap is an indication of the robustness and resilience of this city’s job market. It provides a very hopeful setting for any person seeking to pursue his or her career. Due to an active tech sector and a lower jobless rate, Austin has proved attractive for people who care about quality of life and career prospects. So, wait no longer to hire one of the best moving companies California to Texas, you will surely enjoy your moving process.

Educational opportunities are also an important factor

While the two cities are essentially similar in terms of education, there are some differences. Austin has a judicious establishment like the University of Texas that gives it a reliable status as one of its educational centers. Additionally, it has an excellent public school system that is preferred by most families. Contrastingly, Los Angeles also has great universities such as UCLA and USC, but it struggles in its public school system. The LA public school system has faced challenges with overcrowding and resource imbalances, which have prompted some to see the Austin Education Bureau as an overall better option. The good thing is that cross country movers California offers can help you reach your new home with no great effort.

The overall quality of life is better in Austin

Austin is known for offering a high quality of life. With lively music playing everywhere and a dynamic arts community, this city’s cultural life makes it richer for its inhabitants. With this in mind, moving from San Jose to Austin can certainly be a good call. There is a plethora of outdoor activities including hiking, paddling, and golfing, which brings people closer to nature. Additionally, Austin has a lower population density which means that it will be less crowded.

Happy family
You are surely going to love your new hometown

On the other hand, although some cities such as Los Angeles are culturally diverse they score lower on quality of life rating because often these cities suffer from notorious traffic jams and air pollution problems. The constant traffic jam is a daily aggravation for the residents and affects their general health. Thus, the combination of Austin’s lively cultural scene and a wealth of outdoor opportunities coupled with less time spent in traffic illustrates this city as one where life is enjoyable.


Moving from Los Angeles to Austin has become a trend, but for a good reason. It’s a logical step based on several compelling factors. The striking differences include housing prices, the job market, and the fact that the state of Texas does not have a state income tax while California has high tax rates. All these factors cumulatively resolve the query regarding why people are leaving LA for Austin.


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