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Why should you color code your move?

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It goes without saying that packing is, and always will be a dull and most time-consuming part of every relocation. However, adding a bit of color to the process can make a world of difference. If you color code your move, you can keep everything organized until the unpacking time comes. And even then, you will know exactly where everything is. With a good color code system, everything will be ready in time for Big Sur movers to take over. This method is probably the best way to save precious time and energy when the big day comes. And, what is probably the best part of it all, is the fact that you will make your packing process fun. To put things in a better perspective, let us look back on your younger days.

Do you remember when your kindergarten teacher taught you how to categorize? They’d give you different buttons or cards and ask you to sort them based on their size, shape, and color. Color coding your move is basically the same system, and now that you’re grown up, it’s time to put those skills to use. When organizing a move, there are so many different boxes and items to keep track of. Naturally, it is very easy to lose yourself in the moving day madness. But if you color code your move, there will be no reason to worry whatsoever.

light refracting on a persons hand
Colors can add a bit of fun to an otherwise boring relocation

A brief explanation of how and why to color code

Color coding is a very simple concept in essence. All you need is paper in different colors, or alternatively, packing tape in different colors. The first step is to pack your home room by room. This is a very important step as it sets the foundation for a logical process without mixups. This means that you shouldn’t mix any items from your bedroom with your kitchen appliances, for example. Even if you might be thinking “I’m running out of time and I still need to find movers near me” don’t give in to temptation. The easiest thing to do is to just toss random items into a few boxes and call it a day. But trust us, it will only lead to headaches in the end. Once you’ve packed everything in one room, add a piece of colored tape to each side of the box.

boxes in need of a color code before a move
Color coding your move helps avoid getting lost in a sea of random boxes

The way you mark everything can make a huge difference when the moving day arrives. A simple sharpie marker can be used to add color to your packing, but make sure it is clearly visible. A regular pen will be too thin to see from a distance, and the downside of a marker is that it will permanently mark the box. This is why colored masking tape is such a great option for simplifying your move. It will stick to the box and be highly visible at all times. After that, you can write on your colored labels all you want! You can use solid colors or different prints to make the move more interesting. And if the tape is strong enough, you can even use it to seal the box once it has been packed.

You will make your future life simpler if you color code your move

If you’ve lived in your current house for a longer period, your items are most probably strewn all over the house randomly. Over time, your guest pillows can end up in your kid’s room, while your Christmas lights are stashed in your old gym bag in the basement. If you want your future home to have more sense and order, this is the perfect time to prepare your items in advance. You can take a slightly different approach to labeling your moving boxes in this situation. Don’t label and color code your items based on where they are now, but where they’ll be after the move. That means that your pillows need color codes to match the guest bedroom where they belong. While your Christmas lights can go into a combined seasonal storage box in the garage.

sticky notes on a wall
The benefits of color coding expand well beyond the moving day!

It’s a bit of work but think of all the benefits it can bring. In addition, sorting out the random items will help you unpack rooms efficiently since you won’t be running into miscellaneous boxes. Another great thing is that color coding doesn’t have to stop at boxes. You know where you want your closet to go, but your movers might not. To make the job easier for everyone, code and label your large furniture to match the colors of the boxes they’ll be joining in a specific room. The only thing you should be mindful of this where you add the labels. Avoid using strong adhesive tape on wooden furniture, and add your labels to upholstery with safety pins.

A good color key helps avoid confusion

During the relocation, someone involved, be it you or a friend, may forget which color represents each room. The best way to avoid confusion is to create a simple and effective color key that helps movers. All you need is a piece of paper, on which you’ll note every color and the room it corresponds with. This key can be copied and placed in a few visible places around the house, so people can constantly be reminded of it after you color code your move. While memorizing the color patterns, don’t forget to remain consistent when marking your boxes. Consistent marking helps avoid confusion even after the move. For example, if you plan on storing your boxes in reliable storage CA, label all six sides of your box so the contents are visible no matter what. This way, you will identify the box with ease no matter where it is.

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