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There are a plethora of movers to choose from, but just a chosen handful provide truly exceptional service. When looking for reliable movers, Mod Movers are at the top of the list since they provide the best value for the money. When it comes to moving, we've got you covered whether you're just moving down the street or across the country. And we are not just bragging here; like every reputable enterprise, we are founded on solid principles. Feel free to call us to go through the specifics of your relocation and work together with our white glove movers to develop a moving plan tailored to your needs. Read on to find out more.

Why choose us?

Moving on your own can often cost you more money than hiring a reputable moving company such as Mod Movers CA. Not to mention that it's sometimes not even possible without the proper moving equipment. Plus, you'll be risking injuring yourself if you have a lot of heavy objects to move. White glove movers will provide all the services you may need at competitive prices. Our offices are based in Gilroy and Monterey, but we can move you anywhere in California.

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Mod Movers are fully licensed and insured

A reliable organization will hold valid permits from appropriate federal and state agencies to offer its services. Inquire about the company's licensing status before committing to their moving services. Always make sure that they are BBB-accredited. You should not do business with a corporation unless it provides proof that it is licensed to do so.

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What services do we offer?

White glove moving services extend beyond transporting your stuff from A to B. We can do considerably more for you. Here are some examples of the services our white glove movers can provide you with:

  • Local moving – The size of the move has never been a problem for us. Even if you only have a couple of boxes, we can move them for you.
  • Long distance moving – No matter where you move, our moving experts are here to help out.
  • Residential services – If you are relocating to a new home, our residential movers will guide you through the procedure as efficiently as possible.
  • Commercial moving services – If you decide to transfer your workplace, you may rely on us for any assistance you may require, including business services.
  • Boxes and supplies – If you do not know where to acquire high-quality moving materials, you only need to call us – we’ve got you covered!

Packing services

Mod Movers offer comprehensive packing services that are versatile and cost-effective. This implies that we will pack and deliver all of your items to your door. Whether you are relocating to LA or somewhere else in California, you can count on our moving services. We pack your possessions with care and attention to detail so each box is packed securely.

Storage solutions

When relocating, customers often require a warehouse to temporarily store their things. If you have a lot of stuff, you may want to look into moving companies that also provide storage services. If you know that you’ll need storage services as well, white glove moving companies are a great choice for you. 

Installation services

At Mod Movers, we don’t just simply unload your items in the hallway of your new home. We lay the carpets in first, then load the large furniture items, and last, unpack the accessories. Under the direct supervision of our operations manager and lead installer, our highly skilled personnel carry the items to unbox and assemble them. The installation services include hanging all artwork, mirrors, and curtains, making the beds, steaming the bed skirts and drapes to eliminate wrinkles, and aiding the designers with the placement of decorative items.

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Moving with white glove movers California is your safest choice

Expect a courteous and professional service

It takes time and loyal employees to build a reliable moving business in California. Mod Movers recognize that having a sense of family within the workplace is crucial. Because of this, our whole team of white glove movers earns our utmost respect and admiration. All of them have been with the company for a long time, and they are all seasoned movers. If you look into California moving firms, you’ll learn that ours is an exceptional squad of seasoned pros. Our Gilroy white glove movers are stern when necessary but also adapt to the customer’s wants and needs, all while maintaining an upbeat, cheerful demeanor.

Competitive prices

Our white glove movers in California take great satisfaction in our extensive history and the superior quality of our service, but this does not make us unreasonable. In order to remain competitive, our Monterey white glove movers will gladly meet or beat the prices of any licensed, insured, and bonded moving company in California. We will offer you a flat rate and assure you that there will be no surprise fees on a moving day.

Skilled moving experts and top-tier moving equipment

White glove movers in California will ensure that your moving process is as smooth as possible because they have the tools and vans necessary to do so. In addition, we have a staff of experienced and trained employees that will handle your move with the utmost care and efficiency. With us by your side, you will be able to move anywhere in the state of California and beyond without any worries.

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Ensure a stress-free move with white glove movers

In addition to providing transportation, white glove movers aim to leave you with an unforgettable experience and service. And we will do this during each phase of your move. Contact us and become a member of the Mod Movers family if you are seeking an easy and effective relocation.

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